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A great U.K. based small press who publish authors you guys and gals ought to appreciate. Alot of confessional type stories; based on real life events etc. Drugs, sex, alcohol, dysfunctional relationships and decadent lifestyles - it's all there.

Their literary magazine, Savage Kick, is great if you're interested in discovering new authors (others besides Dan Fante, Mark Safranko, Tony O'neill etc. which are in there). SK #5 is professionally bound and 1,2,3,4 just stapled A5 pages. A real treasure trove!

(Hope this hasn't been posted before but couldn't find anything when I did a search on the forum)
Yeah, I like this publisher. Need to order Mark SaFranko's God Bless America asap. Have said this before but we here in the US of A often don't give a fuck for our homegrown talent and have to sniff the winds from Europe to wake us up.

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