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lothario speedwagon
i'm not gonna lie... fuckers broke into my apartment and took it (my prized possession). no insurance neither.

at least this will mean something to ROC, even though mine was a dirt machine.

Father Luke

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my first year of sobriety, in 1988, i had 25 bicycles stolen. none of them were
any easer to lose than any of the others.

i'm sorry you had to experience this


lothario speedwagon
the cop i talked to said it was probably kids, seeing as they trashed my apartment (didn't hurt my books, though), and i guess career thieves just take what they want and leave.

and all this after i've been defending oakland for the last quarter year as "not that bad of a neighborhood"...

they probably sold it for $100 on the street somewhere, not realizing it was worth more than many cars.


It is what it is
Oh man, that really does blow.
I think all bikes have a character of their own, and it develops in sympathy with the rider.
What this means (to me) is that a stolen bike will not bring happiness to the thief.

If they sell it for $100, you may see it on the street one day.

Was it really worth so much?
What was it?

P.S. No help for you, but it is a benefit of road cycling that we never leave our machines.
I can't conceive of a situation where my bikes could be stolen.
I live on the top floor of an apartment complex. Hard to break in, and if you did you could really only take the small stuff.

Again - sympathies to you!


My sympathies to you - I've had a couple bikes stolen myself. No fun at all.

Keep an eye on the police auctions - a friend of mine got hers back that way.

best of luck

Father Luke

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eek !

Here's another one:

Having done every legal thing posible to help prevent theft, registering the bike,
buying the best locks possible, etc., etc., ad nauseum, when my last bicycle
was stolen in 2005, I went to the cops and gave a report, including the
registration number which had cost me 25 bucks or whatever price.

Oh kay.

When I saw the bicycle on the street I called the cops. "The registration
information isn't kept, that would be too many records to maintian, so we throw
them away."

I had no way of proving the bicycle was mine. :eek:

hank solo

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Reaper Crew
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A couple of years ago when I used to cycle to and from work, I stopped at a local shop for some milk on the way home one night. There was a group of teenagers hanging around, as always. Anyway, I just pushed it up to the shop front, and chained it to the railing as usual.
"Hey, don't worry man, we won't steal your bike you know" one of these kids said.
"I know, I can see you're stand up guys", I replied.

So I came out of the store 5 minutes later.

The bike was still there.

But both wheels were buckled, the mudguards had been ripped off and they'd even destroyed my smiley face bell.


Now, that's not as bad as having your place broken into etc, but I feel your pain.

When I saw the bicycle on the street I called the cops. "The registration
information isn't kept, that would be too many records to maintian, so we throw
them away."

I had no way of proving the bicycle was mine. :eek:

Serve and protect right? Yeah right.

Black Swan

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Oh shit!

Sorry Jordan, life is full of those little surprises that hurt terribly.
Between my son and I , we had 5 new bikes stolen, over the years,
the used ones lasted the longest. Apart from wheels and other fun parts.

Then I bought a good old pick up . . . stolen after 10 months. I thought I had parked it in a weird new place.
New paint job, motor redone, but it was an 87. Hardly got anything for it...


"The law is wrong; I am right"
I'm sorry to hear that, Jordan! You have my symphaties! I know how you must feel. I had a burglary once myself. It feels like you've been raped and the police are'nt any help when it comes to burglaries. "Serve and protect" - my hairy ass, as Buk's father would have said...
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Father Luke

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So. It's been a couple of days. The bike isn't there, and the reality has begun
settling in: On top of your bicycle being gone, it's really not coming back.
Probably not ever.

As the days go on, as you miss it, remember all these letters to you.
We care about your happiness, and I believe we are all sorry that you had to
lose something so dear and special to you.

It may never come back, but you had it once. How many can say that?
Surely not the fuckers who stole it. They'll never know. But you will, man.
You will, and you've been able to share it with us.

So, thanks.
Sorry Jordan to hear of your loss, hope you can get a new bike soon.

I've recently moved to your neck of the woods, Sacramento, and I checked out info about Oakland and decided against because of crime. I also heard of someone else who got broken into in Oakland recently.

I would have gladly moved there because of it's proximity to SF but decided against. I don't think it's the best place to be and Calif a big place as you know.

It's not too bad around here, good luck anyhow.

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