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Okay, since I joined, I've gone through a Bukowski rennaissance (did I spell that right?). And since I've never read one of Buk's novels, I thought it prudent to make a mental list of the order of the books I want to read.

First, I must finish Pleasures of the Damned. Started it before I joined here and I'd hate to leave it when I'm nearly done.

Second, is Factotum. That will be my first Buk novel. I have high expectations because I have also had several blue collar jobs.

Third is The Most Beautiful Woman in Town. Before I read another novel, I want to get a grasp of Buk's short fiction. Just the titles look enticing. I can't wait to read Fuck Machine.

Fourth is Women. Gotta love a story about a writer who gets more tail than he knows what to do with.

Fifth is Portions of a Wine-Stained Notebook. Bought that with a little Christmas money. It's got Buk's very first stories and a few columns, too.

After that, it's still up in the air. But I have several poetry books that I need to catch up on. This will be a very good year for reading Bukowski.

So that's me. What's your list like?

(if you have one, that is)
The last Buk I read was Portions of a Wine-Stained Notebook.
No list, the man keeps you busy anyway.
Yeah, thanks zenguru!
You reminded me I have not got much of a chance of reading anything new.


But I suppose we'll be there one day.
I'm probably going to reread some of the poetry books that I never finished, too. Plus, I'm gonna get to Betting on the Muse eventually.
I used to keep track of what I had and had-not read by the collection...but I traded a huge chunk of my library (Buk, Rimbaud, A E Robinson, Baudelaire, Sartre, Bataille, Genet and many others) for a 73 Stratocaster. So now I just buy and read...if it ends up I had read it before...lucky me, I get to do it again. No checklist.

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