my dad was close friend and dermatologist to charles bukowski (1 Viewer)

I remember meeting Mr. Bukowski as a kid on a number of occasions. Started to read some of his books and just discovered this forum! Have a number of his books inscribed to my dad.
that's funny. I know a German dermatologist, who has written a couple of articles about Bukowskis skin-deseases (as well as his literatured relation to skin-parasites like fleas, pubic louse, etc).
Well that's certainly not something everyone can say. You should show us those books.

I take it this was near the end of his life? I can't see him needing the services of a dermatologist until then. When you say close friends are we talking about dinner at the house every couple months, or seeing him in his office?
Bukowski may have visited a dermatologist as a teenager, when he was suffering from acne vulgaris. Could this be the same doctor?
It's a nice thought, but seems unlikely Rekrab given the timespan, if Matt met him as a kid that would be in the late Seventies+ presumably.
Certainly for his dad to receive inscribed copies of Bukowski's books also.

Bukowski doesn't really specify seeing a dermatologist in Ham on Rye, he attends LA County General and refers to seeing the doctor a few times, but mostly the nurse.

Although he does mention his father didn't like to see doctors he "had to pay for" he did on one occasion send Hank to a doctor you had to pay for (perhaps a dermatologist) but he saw him only once and thought the visit to be useless.
Reach for the Sun, to William Packard, sometime in May, 1988:
I am in the skin cancer game now. Got this dermatologist, jolly fellow, he burns lumps off with a hot little torch, tells me, "It's like arc welding. Same principle."
He tells me of the biopsy reports: "Lucky we got that fucker."
"Hell," I say, playing macho, "could be worse, what?"
"Oh yeah, of all types of cancer, say ABCD, you've got the least, I'd rather have yours."
"I'd rather you had it too, doc."
Yeah, I wondered if the timing was wrong. If Matt was in his 70s, then his dad could have treated Buk in the late 1930s. But that's a stretch.

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