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my ebay stuff (1 Viewer)

Well, I know I may be just having a conversation with myself here and I am certainly gloating, but I got the 400USD for war all the time that I was after and 130USD for the rest of the goodies in my auction, (at least that's how I'm looking at it) most of which I obtained cheap or free. $530 all up - not bad.
I love ebay!
bospress and theeffects - thanks for bidding.
Ebay is odd. Normally lising a lot of items together will get you LESS than they sum of the parts. In this case, you sold them for faqr more than you would have probably sold them piece by piece.

also surprised by the final $530...
Still, good for you! If you can get it, why not!
I figured $200-$300, like Bill said sometimes a collection is better sold individually, you obviously knew better!!!
Not sure who ASHLEY5949 is (is she/he on here?), but they must have a nice collection, see that name quite often on eBay. I just outbid her/him on your copy of RUN WITH THE HUNTED, which I'm sure she/he will outbid me on....

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