My first fax poem (1 Viewer)

Where would the first fax actually be?
Is it with John MArtin?
Is it that slimy paper fax machines first used?

And a question
What would members here like to own more:
The printed fax (received) or the paper copy (sent)
I have not seen the ORIGINAL fax, which is probably with John Martin. I do not know if the fax was on that fax roll paper, but I suspect that it probably was. The copy that I have is a xerox and is #10/10 and is signed by John Martin.

Personally, I would rather own a manuscript copy normally. In this case, this is almost certainly the only fax exer received by Bukowski, so I would have to say that having this would be much cooler than a ms copy, that although unique in their own right are not unique in the format. Am I making any sense? Very tired....



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I would rather have the fax machine Bukowski used to send it.

Then again, maybe he faxed from the computer, in which case, I'll just take the computer.

Bet there are some interesting files on that hard drive...

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