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Hello, fellow Buk fans!

This is my first post here although I have visited the database several times in the last couple of years.Imagine my surprise - and excitement - when I discovered that now there was also a forum! The only other Buk website which have a forum is - but that forum is in german - and that rules me out! I have been a Buk fan since '78 when I read "Post office" for the first time. My collection of Buk material includes all the novels, short stories, poem books, letter books that were published while he was still alive. I also have some of the books published after his death but not all - yet! Then I have Buk bio`s by Sounes and Malone and "The Bukowski Tapes", "Bukowski at Bellevue", "Born Into This" - all great video's and of course "Barfly" and "Tales of Ordinary Madness". And all the available cd's where Buk reads his poetry.
At the moment I'm re-reading "The Last Night of The Earth Poems" - one of his best collections of poems from his later years - in my opinion.

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the rat's first time out...

hey yawl
the forum - not to mention the rest - is a haven for a bukowski fan such as i - thanks for putting it up -

i - as do all of you i assume - write poetry -
one of my best liked works (i'm told) is "the love song of charles bukowski" - yes it is a parody of sorts on eliot's 'prufrock' but more a tribute to bukowski...

again - my hat's tipped to you...
this is also my first post...I have not read last night of the earth poems. Would I be able to purchase it from black sparrow or is it out of print?? thanks.
karl hungus said:
this is also my first post...I have not read last night of the earth poems. Would I be able to purchase it from black sparrow or is it out of print?? thanks.
You can't get it from Black Sparrow, but you can get it from Ecco pretty much anywhere. None of Bukowski's "major" collections or novels are out of print.
thank you, this is my first reply also I am new to theways of the internet world.I first read post office back in 1980 or81 anyway,you be come a fan after only 2 or 3 pages.I like to feel at ease when I read.and his writting fits my mind set to a tee,and now that i have found this site were i can talk about THE BUK and his life I hope to bring a new life into the way I recive his work.Plus I am new to the world of the internet and all that goes with it.
welcome aboard!

and, yes, I also think Last Night... is the most powerful collection of the late poetry.

i agree with that - for what it's worth!! it was the first poetry i picked up of b., it was newly out - '93? - it took a while to ingratiate itself, but boy, when it did, it did!
I was thinking...when I come back to CBH maybe I could 'be allowed`to drop by and check that collection???
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Shew you are most fortunate. I have been collecting since I can remember but those books that haven't walked off my shelves (Women, Post Office ...) because actually I love sharing the writing I love and inevitably this is with people who don't return it or share it with others until it's gone. That's also what happened to three copies I had bought, one after the other, of Zappa's book about his life, can't remember what it is called. Also, here in South Africa, our currency is currently (read: for the last decade odd) worth about 8 to 1 of yours, so books are luxury items. I have just read Volume III of his letters and I have bought three anthologies of poems published after his death and another book which I can't remember the title of (also poems) which is new. I would go and look now but I am about 1000kilometres from my bookshelf. Anyway any donations of cheap books for us poor Africans would be accepted shamelessly by this sober woman who can't bear men who drink anymore but who can't give up on Bukowski.
Welcome aboard, ClingFoil! - Maybe you could buy Buk books second hand or borrow them at the library...
Btw, Zappas autobiography is called "The Real Frank Zappa Book". I've got it myself since I'm also a Zappa nut...:)
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