My first read of Bukowski's work was Women. (1 Viewer)

I originally fell in love with his works when I stumbled across 'Women', which I read in 1988.

I loved the simplicity and honesty and the ease in which I was taken in.

Since reading this, I have read and owned most of his works.

Unfortunately I lost those books when I became homeless.

I am now going over old books again, which I buy from time to time...

I also enjoy listening to his audio poems and stuff on my MP3 while travelling through London.

Once I'm in a position to do so, I'd like to find as old a copy of each book as I can of all his works and then read them again.
Also one of my favourites too Zenguru!

At the moment I am reading The Most Beautiful Woman in Town...

I lent my original copy many years ago to a friend and never got it back.

And I'm reading my second Biography on Buk, this time one's by Barry Miles.
David, I've read the Barry Miles bio. It's good. But I like the Sounes bio better. Yet reading both of them gave me a more well rounded view of Buk. Miles was on the outside. However, Sounes did interviews with people who knew Buk in depth.
I agree that Sounes' biography is better, and I also agree that it gives a well rounded view of Bukowski.

I've known of the Barry Miles one for sometime though and always up until now have chosen to ignore it. This was based on previous reviews etc, but saying that, I am enjoying the read.
When it comes to Buk, I've found it sensible to pretty much ignore anything negative other people have to say about his stuff. Unless they post here. Always listen to us.

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