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“The essential doesn't change.” Beckett
Just wanted to share this brief, good moment I had Wednesday. I think y'all can relate.

Having a shitty day I decided to stop at the local indie book store on my way home from work. As per usual I went to see what Buk they had in. Sometimes one stumbles upon an early or semi rare edition. I'm on the look out for all Buk BSP titles. Some of my older ones are Ecco re-ish. Anyway... A cute young lady (early 20's tops) was sitting on the floor checking out the Buk. I smiled to myself but was stopped in my tracks when I saw her fondling (mind out of the gutter people) Sifting Through The Madness and I just had to say something. It's my moral obligation. Asking if she was a fan of Buk she gave a non-committal yes shrug so I, as calmly as possible, tried to explain to her why she shouldn't buy Sifting and the other two Martinized collections at her eye level. She slid it back gently like a pin back into a hand grenade. A copy of Tales of Ordinary Madness from the 80's was next to her hand so I pointed out that one and clarified why it is a must as opposed to the other works. Again, the non-committal okay shrug. I couldn't tell if I was annoying her, amusing her or confusing her so I wrapped it up and politely moved on. I checked her out one more time before I left the store and saw that she was still there reading Junky by Burroughs with Tales firmly ensconced in her lap.

Man, it really did feel good knowing I had righted a wrong. Who the hell knows if she will ever fully understand the whole Martinized thing or even give a shit but it's those tiny shards of light in life that make the darkness bearable. There is a light somewhere. It may not be much light but it beats the darkness.

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