My name is Phinny (1 Viewer)

aka Phineas Narco
and I'm new here.

I think I'm famous
but I'm not sure.

I'm a friend
of Father Luke
who is a good

Am I supposed to
talk about Bukowski

I just need
a place for
my pain.

I'm just going
to put it
in the back here
next to the
mason jars
and toilet plungers.

Is that okay?

thank you .
Welcome to the great and powerful famous phinny. Put it on most any shelf. You dropped the good name.
We like to talk about Bukowski or Father Luke. As long as some of it is funny.
hello Phinney.
I'm not sure if you're famous either.
I wouldn't put anything near the plunger, I'm "too big for the plumbing", if you get my drift.
but your pain can fit nicely anywhere else.
welcome and enjoy.
Getting to know you...

I'm a friend
of Father Luke
who is a good

(tips hat )

Am I supposed to
talk about Bukowski

yeah. pretty much. wait. supposed to?
oh, hell. I dunn'o...

There is:
How did you find out about Bukowski?

So, what other poets get you like Bukowski does?

Seen any good movies lately?

But, yeah. unless you are only here selling something (
) the focus is Bukowski.

There is a Spotlight section that would be a good
place to begin your adventures here, Phinny.

Tell everyone a bit about yourself.
Maybe who you are, what you do... etc.

Like that. Sound cool?

Okay that sounds cool. :)

Oh... let me see. I write poetry. I wrote a book of poetry. I have a webcast and a podcast. I make music. I've made 3 short films. I wrote a novel. I run a website of my own work. I have a couple blogs one on livejournal, one on myspace, one about NervousMan. I guess I do quite a lot come to think of it.

About NervousMan. NervousMan is a fictional character I came up with. And what he does is he walks around town being nervous. I mean, really really nervous. He doesn't really interact with too many people for very long cuz that makes him too nervous. But he thinks quite a bit about what he observes and he thinks about his own thoughts a lot.

A lot of great literary characters, I've noticed, have great motivations. Nietzche's madman wanted to find God, Captain Ahab wanted to kill the great white whale. But NervousMan has very small desires in life. He usually just wants a pastrami sandwich.

When I started writing, I would mostly write about myself, my thoughts my feelings, my observations and things that happened to me. You know, journal type stuff.

After many years of that, I came to notice not too many people were interested in that stuff. It's like who am I?

So then, I started writing about NervousMan and came to find that a common reaction to what NervousMan was going through was "How in the world did you know what goes on in my head?" People would identify with him. And I thought that was neat.

And so that reaction intrigued me, just that perceptual shift caused people to be interested. And I found I could play with NervousMan and have him walk around his world and do anything I wanted and people would find it interesting and moving.

I think that in the future I will write more nervousman stories.

Welcome, Phinny. I commented on your poem, Dying. Good piece.
Thank you very much for the compliment.

I think that Bukowski once said something along the lines of waiting for inspiration to strike is like waiting for a bug to crawl down a wall low enough so you can smack it. It's not really in your control.

Lately, I have had a lot of bugs coming down the wall. So when I joined up here at I posted a number of poems I wrote just yesterday in fact. But then I understand now that it's not necessarily a place for poetry but about poetry. It's nice to be here though still. Thanks again.

I mean to say not just about poetry but about many things the stuff which Father Luke mentioned and so on.

Care to provide any links?
sure you can read about nervousman at

also there is If you go the archives link you can download my podcasts or subscribe to it.

and the myspace version of that is

Thank you for your interest!

Oh I almost forgot. I did a radio show called ' Midnight Voicejail' and that was about a pre-web community based on voicemail systems that existed here in Silicon Valley in the 80's and 90's. The radio series took actual voicemail recordings and music and collages I made and wove them all together into (IMHO) a unique listening experience.

Father Luke was part of that community and I was on the periphery of it as well. If you want to hear clips of the series over the web click here (should start up your player) Note--the content is probably NSFW* in some places.

(* Not Suitable For Work)
I wanted to say that if anyone has any comments or questions about this stuff, feel free. Critical or otherwise. I'm open. I love feedback. Thank you. I look forward to hanging out.

No I haven't heard of him. Let me know.

I did just read 'Dinosauria, We' online a couple weeks ago. Devestating poem. Truer now more than ever it seems.

Bukowski wrote about the "The Frozen Man stance" in his Open City columns. Many of those columns are available in Notes of a Dirty Old Man, which is very easy to find.
I liked the essay. My impression was that it was a school essay. I will look more into Notes of a Dirty Old Man and the Frozen Man. I wrote a poem years ago called 'Frozen'.

My bed sustains and numbs the pains
when everything's frozen
I kiss the ball that holds the chains
when everything's frozen

and so on

I especially liked the theme of the puzzle and keeping the last piece. I have this experience too. I think what makes heroes heroes is that even though they reveal things about themselves, they always have a mysterious and private part of their lives upon which they draw. JFK was like this, Gandhi, Martin Luther King. Even though their lives were very public, they had large portions of them that were not.

I'm not sure that would be the case today. Probably not. That's why it may be that there are no more heroes like that in this age of transparency. If MLK were alive today we would hear about his sexual affairs on FOX News, JFK's affair with Marilyn Monroe would have put an end to his career nowadays probably as thoroughly as any assassin's bullet. Gandhi sleeping with underage girls would have made front page news and would certainly undermine what he was doing. Could Hitler have even kept his terrible flatulence problem hidden nowadays?

When I was a kid I enjoyed putting puzzles and models together. In a sense, I'm still doing it. I would also paint paint-by-number paintings. One time, I half-finished a paint my numbers of a painting of crashing waves. Most of it was beautiful, almost photo-realistic, richly detailed, but spread throughout you could see the blank spaces and the little blue numbers within them. I remember leaving the painting like that, because I liked it better that way. It seemed more real to me.
BTW, I'm wasn't saying Hitler is a 'hero' but rather transparency cuts both ways. Maybe the guy couldn't have gotten as far as he did if people knew him as a farty-pants.

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