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Okay, shameless self-promotion. That's what this is, but I don't have any other choice. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

I have been working my ass off on this, but that doesn't mean the video that goes along with it - that's just something I'd be endlessly apologizing for, and I don't have the energy to do that right now.

No, I've had this plan up my sleeve for eons, and now it's out of the bag, onto the internet, and in your face begging you for support.

Does it make it any more enticing that it is a Kickstarter Staff Pick?

Please visit my project, I call, An Exodus in Joshua Tree.

See it, read it, taste it, smell it. As of tonight (day two), it's already 27% funded!



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Congrats on getting staff picked! It really helps pull in new backers - at least, that was my experience with our kickstarter that just finished.


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There are some good deals in those various pledge levels, if you're the Hey-I-like-art-as-much-as-the-next-guy-but-I'll-be-damned-if-I'll-pay-three-thousand-dollars-for-a-painting! type. Original sketches, drawings and watercolors for less than $100?! It's madness, I tell you, madness!

I mean, for a mere $850 you get a private dinner at the gallery in Venice and you get to come to our house for a studio visit, where I will watch you standing around in Carol's studio through the blinds and record your every movement. For security purposes, of course.

My staff pick is Dan's 10 Commandments (for a Better Life and Hygiene). That's going to be good. I've heard.


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That's what I picked. I'm the world's #1 Dan fan, so it makes sense. Justine picked the Ethereal Research Labs character.
I'll pay $850 if you let me play my favorite Grateful Dead CDs on your home-centric audio system (plus air fare). :eek:

Edit: I made a more sensible pledge that absolves you of any teeth impairment.
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I'm down for the 16 Dans with one hand painted Dan in the bunch.

On a side note, if anyone is close to Dover and wants to come by and help me print these Dan Prints, I'd be happy to let you help!


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Thanks everyone for your replies and support. You guys are my saviors! Seriously!

I have been having such a hard time keeping up with all the, well, what can I call them, but blessings? That's what day is to me! I'm just blown away with how many people came to support me and just how many people wanted to exchange their green money for something I made (or will make). That never ceases to amaze me.

I also meant to say that I have been having a really hard time keeping up with all these great blessings because, at the same time I was about to press my "launch" button, I had a family emergency, which is still lingering. It's like the Kickstarter, and the project itself, has been my only distraction from all that. And that in and of itself is a damn blessing too!

The last few days I've been tinkering with the website at, but it's not ready to look at yet. Hopefully it will be soonly-ish. :)

In the meantime you'll just have to keep checking out my blog for updates as they come up.

Oh, and I uploaded the cheesey video from the campaign to YouTube:


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