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Hmm, you might have taken a look around to see how that sort of thing is usually received. But it's here now, so good luck to you.
Actually cracked me up.The dumb computer i am on today would not load this fancy song thing up ,so i logged off and then started hearing a real loud horrible singing to a familiar set of some things are so bad that they become good in another way.literally laughed out loud,and then realized why people self mutilate.
wow, it's like syd barrett teamed up with sham 69!

wicked drummer btw.
I have not had enough to drink yet to grasp your artistic slant, therefore my opinion doesn't matter. I've never been one to listen to the words of a song so I really don't matter a lot.

Welcome to the forum you will be our friend here some day, I just know it. Being Kosher is a good thing.
I don't have artistry, let alone slant.
And there are no words to my song. You're halucinating. You need a beer.
I'd better not bother sharing my musical collision with As Crazy as I Ever Was.
I'm off for a bacon sandwich.
I'm going to record a personal musical interpretation of many of ol' Buk's songs and post them all here. I think it's beautiful for us to set these passionate works to music. I think it breathes new life into them and makes us see them in new ways. Don't you agree, mjp? I'm so excited, man. It's all so beautiful.
Great words bon't EVER need others interpreting them and recreating their meaning with music.

Nothing personal, but it is like popping onto a christian forum with your rewriting of the bible in gangsta street talk. they do not need your personal reworking of it, like Bukowski does not need his words reworked into your vision.

Otherwise, welcome to the forum!

I'm going to record a personal musical interpretation of many of ol' Buk's songs and blah blah blather bluster brylcreem.
I think the bit in the first post was purposely recorded to create a negative reaction here, and looking at it that way, it's very funny.

More would definitely not be funny though. You should let the original joke stand on its own and leave on a high note, as a professional comedian might do.

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