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A guy called Mike.

He posts Bukowski poems quite regularly on myspace and also writes his own bukowski like poetry.
myspace is so great. 500 people can be Bukowski or Richard Nixon or Britney Spears. 20 people can have your name, your dog's name. How the hell are you supposed to find anything on there? Nothing like mass, total confusion and virtually useless navigation/user controls to make social networking fun!
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I guess I did something wrong. Wanna upload a pic.



well, time to remove my bullshit, sry, mjp.
This is the most important and uptodate Bukowski Myspace....POEMS are posted almost daily...and there are lots of footage on the page and pictures....

Really! Myspace is ok. I hate people who jump on the bandwagon to say that myspace is just a bandwagon. It's an UBER OVERBLOWN ELABORATE E_mAIL - but it can be useful!

shit I got work through using it.
made some money through using it.

it's not all bad, ladies and gentlemen.

Homogenous: what is that? A gay man from Mensa? I believe so...
I don't mind myspace, I can keep up-to-date with friends that I don't want to talk to on the phone or whatever, I hate talking on the phone.
Jesus Christo!, the more I read, the more stuff I find to read, I'm becoming part of this chair, goddamned pressure ulcers on my ass. I have to wear glasses now to see anything. When it was just books, I could kind of keep pace, the back of the wagon always just going over the hill or around the next bend, now...

And what about all the passwords you have to remember, and navigating around those graphics and the unwanted and unwelcome music that jumps out at you like some bloody pit viper...

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