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the pleasures of the damned, indeed ;)

this is so tiny because I never paid attention to the prose when I was doing my research. I xeroxed this stuff for the fun of it, and now I regret not having copied the dozens and dozens of uncollected stories originally published in the LA Free Press, etc.

this is just 1/3 of a binder, and I have 9 full binders of uncollected/unpublished poetry items. So this one is indeed tiny, just the tip of the iceberg :D

I notice that line 51 is an unpublished review of the Essex House Notes of a Dirty Old Man.

Did this one start: "I drank with a friend the other night who said or maybe it was I who said, 'It is terribly difficult not to like the smell of your own shit.'"

And finishes: "in ten years your $1.95 copy will be worth $25. and if you live long enough and the Bomb doesn't do it, you may be able to pay a month's rent with the book. until then, read your nuts off and gobble and grow what you can."

Published in Open City, Feb. 23-Mar. 1/69 under the title "Bukowski on Bukowski."
Glad to add any info to what you've gathered. I've been looking at the "underground press" microfilm collection at my local university. The reels include Open City so I've managed to get many Notes of a Dirty Old Man columns (and tried really hard to ignore the rock reporting of the day -- The Collectors!, Zappa!).

I see that this underground collection includes High Times so I'll have to make a list for a quicker search. Beats the heck out of going to the used mag stores around town and paying collectable prices. The piles get too high (uh, no pun intended) after awhile. :rolleyes:
whoa wouldnt it be cool...if everybody on this fourm raised a bunch of money to have all of the stuff cirerita has binded into a nice little collection of uncollected goodies or just even have copies made and sent to the people who want them?

it seems like there wouldnt be any problems if he didnt make any money from it,

I know there are legal issues to take into account but I for one would like to have this stuff for my archives.

just a thought...
You are probably right. But I got the impression (from another thread) that he might issue Press-less series no.2. If so, he could put in some (a lot) of the uncollected poems and stories...:p
I can't do that, sorry. I have no time for that, especially now that my little baby is about to start walking around. When possible, I'll try to print press-less series #2 for Buk forum users only!
it seems like there wouldnt be any problems if he didnt make any money from it,
Hi HC,
According to US copyright law, it is illegal to reprint an edition like you are talking about. This applies if they are all given away, or sold. Add to the fact that these WOULD be sold. Someone would sell on either intentionally, or as part of an estate and it would end up beign sold at some time. Could someone be sued for doing this? Yes. Is it probable? No. Would I take a chance? No.

If there was free rights to print as long as they were not being sold, you would see many more Bukowski X-Mas Greetings, Easter Greetings, etc. Copyright allows for damages even if the maker of the item never made one cent.

Of course, I'm no lawyer, but this info was given to me by a publisher who knows this subject very, very well....

Apart from the fact that I wouldn't have time to distribute all the stuff I have -or part of it- Bill is right there. I wouldn't want my ass sued for xeroxing and distributing something from which I wouldn't make a single dime.

A different thing is to freely distribute a poem a year -so to speak- within a very limited circle of people. Of course, they would be entitled to sue me anyway, but I don't think they will waste their precious time on something so insignificant... but legally they could do it if they wanted to.

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