My unpublished interview with Bukowski (1 Viewer)

Really interesting, especially the part about John Martin selecting all the poems for the books. Thank you very much!
Great interview. As mentioned before, it was really interesting to hear what Buk had to say about Martin's editing.

"The public creates its own gods and it often chooses badly because the public reflects its own image. As I go on, I write as I please and as I must. I don’t worry about critics or style or fame or lack of fame. All I want is the next line as it truly comes to me."

That's a good one.
Thanks for sharing!

Some great lines in there.

"Writing keeps you alive because it eases the monsters in the brain by moving them to paper."
"The typewriter often sings soothing songs to the sadness in the heart."
You're welcome.

BTW, if any of you notice that a picture, TXT file, PDF file or any other attachment is missing from any of your (or other people's) posts - please let me know.

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