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stop the penistry
despite the dissing of myspace that goes on, i've found it a good way to meet people, and i've actually met a lot of very interesting and very lovely people through my profile. but... every now and again a crazy person makes nice then unleashes his TRUE nature... i got a message from a guy calling himself "Werwolf [sic] Guerilla", complimenting my choice of art on my page. i went to look at his page, but it was set to private. his explanation was that his profile had been deleted 20 times in the last six months by "those who oppose freedom of speech". i was intrigued... he added me as a friend, i went to his page, and lo and behold, he's a freaking white supremacist! i read the whole page, which was SOLELY devoted to promoting his beliefs in racial purity. now, he wrote articulately, he advocated love of one's own race as opposed to hatred of another. i don't support ideas of racial purity, and i refuse to let someone promote those ideas through my page, so i deleted him immediately, sent him a message very politely telling him i wasn't interested in discussing the subject, and wished him all the best. i could have reported him, had his page deleted, but i think people are entitled to their opinions (even if they're completely wrong;) ). and he didn't sound violent or even that crazy. but he didn't take my rejection of him too well... here's the last few exchanges between us before i had him blocked from contacting me:

FROM ME [after he sent me a bunch of Ryden, Trevor Brown and John John Jesse paintings featuring swastikas and claiming that "your cultural idols obviously differ in opinion from you"]:

hey Jeremy,
in my view, they are artists, not idols. i like the juxtapositions of disturbing and beautiful that occur in the work of artists like Mark Ryden et al.
like i said, you're entitled to express your beliefs, i have no problem with that at all. it's just that racial purity is not a subject i'm interested in discussing in any depth.

i like *mongrels* :)


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From: werwolf_guerrillaâ„¢
Date: 23 Mar 2007, 03:48

well if these artists are merely juxtapositions to you and not revered as modern icons of art, which we both know they are, then you are not worthy of appreciating there FINE art.
quite obviously you are impressed in a juvenile mtv sense and "i am going to look cool to my mates if i dig this shit" manner.
your appreciation and understanding of art is mongrel, and quite clearly you have as little respect for art as you do your culture.
enjoy your mongrels.
that is all you deserve to expect from life.
and you surely have no right to enjoy our cultural art.

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From: Rubyred
Date: 23 Mar 2007, 04:01

well, Jeremy, i have to say i'm disappointed with that last message. although i don't agree with your views, i was prepared to respect that they are views which you have arrived at thoughtfully and with a high degree of intelligence. you appeared to be someone who was not hateful or disrespectful, but you have made a series of judgments about me based on the meagre information you have gleaned about my person from my sparse myspace profile and a couple of brief messages. unfortunately, for me this precludes any further discussion taking place between us.

good luck with your novel, and i wish you the best.


are you serious?
as much as i enjoy the eloquence of your message you are merely talking loud but saying nothing.
and i know you feel all self-righteous but it is you who made the judgement to decline my add on a preconceived perception.
not me.
i quote..."although i don't agree with your views, i was prepared to respect that they are views which you have arrived at thoughtfully and with a high degree of i quote intelligence."
however you had already deleted me.
how full of shit are you.
i am not hateful.
i am not disrespectful.
if you had actually taken the time to rea my profile you would know exactly what i have done for an occupation.
you seem to have an over-inflated sense of self-importance.
and yes.
from your myspace profile and brief messages i gleamed all there is to know about you.
you are a shallow mongrel.
with a dictionary.

AND THIS MORON WONDERS WHY HIS PROFILE KEEPS GETTING DELETED! IT'S NOT BECAUSE OF HIS BELIEFS, IT'S BECAUSE HE'S CRAZY! and who is dense enough to see a swastika in a painting and assume it means the artist advocates racial purity?? even worse, this guy is from New Zealand. it freaks me out that he only lives a few hundred kilometres from me, and i stupidly gave him my first name.
i did read his profile, despite his assumption that i didn't, his previous occupations included law enforcement and the New Zealand equivalent to the Secret Service (like i believe him).
what's your myspage page?

in the interest of reciprocity, mine is it's set to private right now, since i'm job hunting, but if you send me a message, i'll know to add you. i'm not a white supremacist, by the way.
Found you! the request has been initiated...

this guy made me so angry, i shouldn't have let him get to me, but if there's one thing i really hate, it's having my words twisted and thrown back in my face.
have you heard of the artist luke chueh? maybe you would like him... after looking at the art on your page, his stuff has the same kind of innocent/violent tension going on.
Myspace = Glorified overblown E_MAIL service.

or was that Ego-Service.

The Ego has landed!
The Id is pleased.
The Superego is inscecure.
It's got me on my knees...
i hate myspace.

let's all pretend we're famous.

god i want to love myself.

will you be my friend so i can love myself?

do you think i'm pretty?

look at my five million hott pictures!


i know, i know, i know what you're thinking.

you say 'network! marketing! it's free'

the mcdonaldization of our world is under way.
oh for christ's sake.

everything you said is totally original, and the first time such sentiments or arguments have ever been voiced. congratulations.

you know what you COULD do? you could have a myspace profile because you wanted to keep in touch with old friends or maybe meet new ones, or you could decide it's not for you, because you're not interested in storing personal information online. although, i suppose it's probably better to harbor some sort of ultrageneric anti-capitalist rage against it. yeah, like you don't care about looking cool.
will you be my friend so i can love myself?
do you think i'm pretty?
look at my five million hott pictures!
This the most disturbing thing about myspace, though it's been going on since the dawn of the web. It's just worse now.

Some of the pictures these young girls post are borderline porn, and it's sad that for them this is the norm.

I'm no prude, it's just a shame that childhood lasts about a year and a half now, then it's straight to adolescence in the third grade.
it's not that i'm anti capitalist, it's that i see myspace as the sort of fillerfood that mcdonald's is, making your tummy all warm and cozy for a minute but it's a lie it's a lie it's a lie an hour later your stomach hurts and you feel all empty inside. and yah usually when i want to get in touch with old friends i use the telephone or something. also, i don't really care about looking cool. i just do. :)

also, it bothers me that myspace asks young kids questions about their sexuality. who's business is it whether or not a thirteen year old is straight, gay or bi and why is that question even arising?
also, it bothers me that myspace asks young kids questions about their sexuality. who's business is it whether or not a thirteen year old is straight, gay or bi and why is that question even arising?

Good point! They also ask questions about the size of ones income and religious persuation. They probably see the site as a dating service too...
Some buknet members are trying to form some *group* there. I just signed up today.
And....myspace is 99% crap although I've seen serious stuff..guerilla poetical project is on myspace for example...
My space My ass

MY space my space my space, that's all I read now,my space sounds like the space between thier ears,it started out ok but look at what we got now.look what I can do,and what kind of thing is buknet doing there?It's not right.The home team should play at home right?
another crazy myspace weirdo, i forgot to post this awhile ago, but i saved it to show people, in case they thought i was making it up...
you may wonder why i responded - but come on, who doesn't want their own personal slave???

[and no, i didn't respond any further]

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From: Andrew
Date: 17 Apr 2007, 17:18

I hope you wont find this unusual but I read your profile and thought you have the intelligence and open approach to consider my request.

I arrived from the UK a couple of years ago and in London I had a female friend with whom I had an agreement based on the following.

She asked I delivered.

I did some chores for her - ran errands - provided small gifts from time to time.

There is nothing physical in this and nothing wanted in return.

I am just seeking someone who is willing to take advantage of me in this way as I really love it.

Please consider my request.



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From: Rubyred
Date: 16 Apr 2007, 22:42

are you for real? you better explain your intentions a little more clearly...

yes im for real - I just get a big buzz out of serving

i love to be of use to a superior woman
here's another one for you (perhaps this guy could have been my soulmate, if it weren't for his bad grammar - i find bad grammar a real turn-off):


[email protected]
[email protected]

and for even more of a laugh, here's his myspace page:

yeah, i'm kind of regretting not taking 'andrew' up on his offer of being my personal gimp... i mean, it's not like anyone else is banging down my door these days, offering to service me :rolleyes:

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