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Hey all, hum I'm quite lazy so I won't do me presentation all over again.
I guess I'm just another Bukowski fan like any of you. I enjoy reading Celine, Hemingway, Fante, Woolf, Dylan Thomas, and many much more as well.
I'd be very much interested in exchanging about anything you want, over literature, Bukowski or whatever so feel free to reply or contact me.
And by the way, I have recently read a very good book about Bukowski which I highly recommend if you have not read it yet (Charles Bukowski by David Stephen Calonne) and he mentions about 2 essays the Buk wrote on his poetics. Does anyone know where I could actually read or buy them ?
The last three months of everything disappeared from the database, so don't take it personally.

Calonne is a member here ( David ), you can ask him directly.
No it's okay I'm not taking it personally, it's just that I needed a title. Thank you very much I did not know he was a member here, thanks a lot mjp !

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