Mythological Media and Lost Treasures (1 Viewer)

Songs from Barfly with Rosemary Clooney, Jane Cooney and Mickey Rooney

The Johnny Carson Interview"”Charles Bukowski on the Tonight Show with his favorite tv host doing poems from Love Is A Dog From Hell.

Up Your Colon with Bernard Pivot (author of Apostrophes)"”Lively discussion with Charles Bukowski on the relationship between bad grammar and slum life . . . the infamous show where Bukowski pukes over a female anarchist, slaps the host, and walks off in search of another bottle of French wine.)

Ms. Magazine Interview"”Gloria Steinem and Charles Bukowski in a light-hearted discussion about whether he is a recalcitrant sexist pig with no redeeming literary qualities whatsoever and should be shot immediately. (Contains the famous exchange where Bukowski says: "You are sick, and I am well.")

Favorite Slapping Scenes"”Home movies of Linda Bukowski subduing Hank with gallons of Heineken, then tying him to the bedposts for a fortnight with no bathroom breaks. (Not recommended for viewers with sensitive bladders.)

BMW Commercials"”Bukowski is filmed after a losing day at the track but feeling better after leaving no tip and running over the parking lot attendant. "BMWs . . . such a smooth ride! I feel better already."

Conversation with Henry Miller and Charles Bukowski"”Rare interview where Miller tells Bukowski he would never have been published without Miller having won his court case with Tropic of Cancer; Bukowski diplomatically tells Miller that except for the sex scenes, he writes like shit.

Bukowski Reads Dr. Seuss
"”"I never told anyone, but I have the Cat and the Hat next to my volumes of Fante . . . it's my secret vice."

The Worst of Bukowski"”Excerpt: "When the form wanes, the spirit disappears." (Later revised.)

Things I've Secretly Changed"”John Martin discusses the radical, wholesale editing changes forced upon him because Charles Bukowski was eager to be accepted by the New Yorker, Atlantic Monthly, and Life magazine.

Write Magazine Archives"”lost stories Bukowski said his father destroyed, or were rejected, but were actually accepted, though never printed due to the publisher's thievery of petty cash.

Diligent research continues . . .

Bottoms up . . . . Poptop
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