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I'm looking for the source of a sentence I have in mind. It's from a short-story, most likely to be in 'Erections' or 'South'.

I've read that many years ago, in German translation. So I don't know about the exact words in English. But I hope someone can point me to it.

What Buk states in that sentencs is something like: "... I just wanted to sit around in my socks/stockings and drink and, if possible, have some laughter ..."

does that ring anywhere?

(I was thinking it's from 'The way the dead love', but flipping through, I couldn't find it.)
Hi Roni, you've helped us so often I felt I should try to find this. Unless I overlooked it, it's not in Erections or South of No North. I do remember a poem, I believe it was, where Bukowski said something to the effect that "sitting in front of the typer, drinking, the world for a time seemed a reasonable place to be."

Oh lord, now we've got two quotes looking for a home ...
Harry! thanks a lot for your effort!

I'm quite sure it was a story. at least it sure was prose.

problem is, it must be one of the first things i ever read of him (80s), that's why i only know it in german and though i sure have read it several times, it's been long ago.

the situation as i remember it is, he states something about the lifestyle, he does Not want, then comes up with what he Does want. and it is this situation of sitting together with people you enjoy and no pressure to do anything.

i particularly remember these two things: he specifies sitting there in his socks/stockings. and the end of the sentence has something like 'to laugh, if possible' or 'have some laughter, if possible' ...

i thought it would be from chapter 2 of 'The way the dead love', but looking it up brought: "...It was really the Whiskey I wanted. A castle in the hills I wanted. A steam bath. Anything but this." - so That was a dead end.

i was hoping someone would know anyway. you don't need to look it up for me. except maybe for yourself, as it could be a nice quote for you guys as well. maybe.

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