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Hallo Hallo- that means "nanu nanu". While "Nanu? Nanu?" in my language means something like "Huh? What's that?" when you're surprised or puzzled.
Anyway, hello ;)
Oh fuck, now I get it! It was translated "nano nano" on German tv... my bad, I'm just a stupid earthling ( and from Germany, it couldn't be worse :rolleyes: )
So you're a new comer. Well, nanu nanu !

Everytime I read your pseudo, I imagine something like that in my head :
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You caught me. I'm Mikey "The Pants" of the infamous Spaghettio's lineage. My grandfather was the reason Buk made it out of that South Philly bar alive, or so he told me.
Your grandfather was Tony Rigatoni?

I hear that it is best to not fuck with the Spaghettios.

Chef Boyardee is a bitch, though.

Bill "Nine Fingers" Roberts
This is a really great forum. You people are hilarious. It's a wonder SNL can't find any decent writers. I'd love to see some of you post on one of those goofy hulu threads.

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