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National Screw Nov. 1976 (1 Viewer)


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Hi, guys,

here's a truly rare item. I've never seen it before on eBay. There's a copy on Abe, though :rolleyes: No uncollected stuff on this one, but a must-have for B. collectors.

Sorry, there used to be a copy on Abe for $250. Now it's not there, but there's a copy of v.1 no.7, similarly priced.


Another uncollected story here:


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yeah, it seems that Hustler and Oui are considered adult material and they were removed due to that "miscategorization" -their word! And non-US sellers cannot list adult material on eBay.com, and I don't think I'll list them on eBay.es.

By "good" I mean ok, a bit better than a reading copy, but not in mint condition. Anyway, you probably won't find it on eBay in any condition at all... I' ve had that mag in my eBay "want list" for over two years without a single notification...

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