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hey, maybe my hometown BAMBERG is in the news tonight (or tomorrow night):

this weekend there's a gathering of the 'NPD', which is a nazi-party.
they gather in my hometown Bamberg. The city had tried to avoid that by going to court. they lost in all instances, because the (public) room, where the nazis gather had been used before for meetings of other parties, and since we have the equal measures of democracy, blabla... (reminds me of the nazi-demo in the movie 'Blues Brothers').

of course the resistance in the city was Big.
what a happening!
all this in a very small town of only 70,000 people. (they said, the total amount of police-appearance is 6,000 - and i believe that, having seen them.)

maybe for the 'big-city'-guys among you, this sounds like nothing. but it sure was an event Here: cops and special forces everywhere, helicopters, speeches against the suckers Everywhere around the city-centre, anarchists and punks, students and union-people everywhere. ...

well, anyway.
what i wanted to ask is:
did Anything of this make its way into the international press?
Googling it, I see coverage in Australia and in France, but nothing in the USA.

As an aside, I'd say that, no matter what absurdity one believes, as long as they don't break laws, they have a right to meet and think it. I know laws vary from nation to nation, but, as hard as it may be to say, I support their right to meet, but I abhor their principles.

Here in the USA, we have a certain Fred Phelps and his dung-slinging minions who are about as reprehensible as a pedophile in a daycare center. But, they are somehow usually able to avoid breaking laws. They have a right to their beliefs, sickening as they are. Freedom is a tenuous thing. One cannot pick and choose what freedom is without drawing lines in the sand. And then, the lines will always be questioned.

Hang in there, roni. Resistence to this is also a freedom. Exercise it.
Nope. Nothing even remotely German has made
the news here in my home town, Santa Cruz, California.

Unless you count The Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger,
making an appearance because the hills are all on fire in
Santa Cruz, and we've become a disaster area.

He's remotely German, isn't he? Schwarzenegger?

From the local news:

Santa Cruz Fire Destruction Mounts as more
than 2,500 Firefighters Battle Blaze

Atlanta, Ga. 5/24/2008 06:08 PM GMT (TransWorldNews - Top Story)

The Santa Cruz fire, now in its third day, has
continued to scorch the landscape in Northern
California between Santa Cruz and Santa Clara.

More than 2,500 firefighters are now battling the
blaze that has been named the Summit Fires and
officials have estimated they have contained about
25 percent yet there are still almost 2,000
residents who remain under evacuation orders.


Only German story I saw on the BBC news channel was on the ticker tape at the bottom of the screen: some couple had their child taken away from them after they put the kid up for sale on ebay.

BBC spent more time dissecting the Euro song competition.
Roni, the fact that it gets very little international attention is the best argument to let them hold their rallies.

The more you try to suppress or hide something, the more appealing it is to young, impressionable people. If you bring the ugliness out to light, let them show themselves for what they are - and ignore them - they will eventually die off.

I say let the skinheads or the KKK march through the streets of Los Angeles (not that they would dare to do so, but that's another story). Let them show themselves for the idiots they are.

When people go out to protest them, they only lend them legitimacy. If everyone stays home, they have no reason to march. They march for attention, to demonstrate what martyrs they are for their cause, and that martyrdom and anti-popular culture stance is what helps them recruit new members. Without any opposition there are no martyrs, and it becomes more difficult for them to recruit.

But what do I know.
Sad but true, but these Bamberg-happenings didn't even make it across the border to Austria. At least they weren't in my online-newspaper today. Shit. I just double-checked. Nothing.

Then, as mjp puts it, that is very true. But on the other side, all I can say is that the day there is some neonazi-march, gathering, demonstration, whatever here WITHOUT counter-marches, counter-gatherings and counter-demonstrations, I'll start to really get nervous.

Oh, and yeah, Schwarzenegger is Austrian. We are all very excited about this.
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I think it would be ok to ban all parties who have on their agenda the dismantling of democracy in favor of a totalitarian state for running for parliament etc. They can voice their ridiculous opinions but should'nt be allowed to run any public office etc.
Why should a democratic society allow un-democratic parties to participate in the democratic process? I think that would be counter-productive.
But what do I know...
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sure it would be good, to just ignore them. only, it's not possible. it won't work, if you or me ignore them, as we will never get ALL people to ignore them. So, they DO have their audience anyway.

i am against the banning of this party, though. because, as long as they are on the surface, we can easier control their activities. if we force them to go underground, who knows what's going on there?

concerning them being anti-democratic: in their official statements, they walk a very thin line. it wouldn't be easy to ban them. some years before they tried and failed. (but as i said above, i feel saver, when i see them on the surface anyway.)

the weekend was alright though: good turkish food to have. and some beautiful girls walking in the sun. and the 'Apfelfront' was marching, which is always fun - and maybe the best way to handle these suckers.
mjp mentioned wanting an audience, and wanting to be martyrs for their cause, but part of them also wants to see the outrage that they cause. This is where ignoring them and NOT counter protesting really hurts them. Remember, they do it to upset people and because they get off on seeing the rage that they cause in the faces of the people that they hate. If they march and there is no one there to upset it takes a lot away. Then it is all masturbation, really.

I don't think they behave the way they do just to get attention and upset people. They are not attention seeking teenagers who likes to provoke people. I'm convinced they really believe in their ideas and are willing to fight for them! They are full-fledged nazi's just like Hitler & Co. They may be nuts but they're very dangerous nuts. They won't go away because we ignore them.
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I'm not exactly saying ignore them. Bad choice of words. I'm saying ignore their parades and other things that are only done to get a rise out of people. Once they take any negative action, once they harm a hair on anyone's head, crush them, yes, like insects. I will invent a crushing machine for you to use, and I will grin as we pulp them. Scumbags. Attention paid to "Nazis" is all well and good, go ahead and keep them in check.

But if you're being honest you have to admit that "The Nazi Threat" is relatively (if not absolutely) non-existent right now. But - right now in Africa tribal and religious wars and outright, unapologetic, organized genocide are killing millions of people. Today. Tomorrow, for the past decade - millions of people.

And we all watch Schindler's List and cry and say, "Yes, never again, never again." But it's already happening again only no one really seems to give a shit because the blood only flows south of the Sahara.

Just sayin'. I hardly think some asswipe Nazis wanting to parade in order to start a fight are the biggest problem we face as humans at the moment. Considering.

Okay, now back to the happy fun hour! ;)
[...] But - right now in Africa tribal and religious wars and outright, unapologetic, organized genocide are killing millions of people. Today. Tomorrow, for the past decade - millions of people.

And we all watch Schindler's List and cry and say, "Yes, never again, never again." But it's already happening again only no one really seems to give a shit [...]

reminds me of a poem by Gerald Locklin:

Serbia uber Alles

Well, I guess any of us
Who ever wondered
How our parents or grandparents
Could have allowed Nazi Germany
To occur,

Won't have to be bothered
By that question
Bingo. I didn't even include Serbia, but genocide is genocide, and we don't seem too concerned about it anymore.
Bingo. I didn't even include Serbia, but genocide is genocide, and we don't seem too concerned about it anymore.

True! The nazi threat is relatively non-existent at the moment compared to the genocides we saw in Rwanda and in ex-Yugoslavia. It seems like we only care if it happens in our own front yard...:(
I quit the Serbian Priesthood.
Top that.

It wasn't like anyone was busting the doors down to
become Priests at that time, either.

The best Quote I heard about the Balkan Wars came
from Weiskopf. Those people are all killing one
another to get on CNN, he said.


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