Need help with lost quote

What short story or poem is this from?

As Bukowski is fucking a woman, something like...

I thought, it's all going according to the blueprint. Just following biology.


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Probably not Bukowski, if the quote is close. He never used the word "blueprint" in a poem or story, and the only times he used "biology" was in reference to teaching or studying the subject.
maybe your thinking when he says " you never know what is under there, it could be a small submarine" ?
Yeah i see what you mean . I was just reading mjp's blog about many of Buks late life books being fraudulent. That John Martin editor was a very weird dude. I saw the one poem where he changed Buks words up . I don't understand why . He could have simply just mixed up Bukowski's poems in a different sequence to sell another book under another title.


he changed Buks words up . I don't understand why .
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Go watch Born Into This.