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in 1977 'Fuck Machine' was released in germany. A collection of stories, containing two of my favs.

One is named "Die Einsamkeit nach Feierabend" and contains the description of someones (Buks?) after work time. He puts off his clothes, rests on the bed, opens the first beer can etc.

The other one is named "Zwei Trinker" (two drinkers) and describes the friendship with a painter and co-drinker.

I am looking for the original story names and release info, any ideas? Thanks in advance.
Well, if Carver'sDog had made good on his promise to me, I'd be more familiar with the contents of Fuck Machine. In any case, "Zwei Trinker" is, indeed "A Drinking Partner" but was first published by City Lights in Erections, Ejaculations, Exhibitions, and General Tales of Ordinary Madness in 1972.

As for "Die Einsamkeit nach Feierabend" - I haven't found it in EEE & General Tales..., but I remember reading it somewhere (more than once, likely). The title may have been changed substantially, as no story title translating to "loneliness after work" is in EEE & General Tales.
babe, you're looking for two POEMS, which are NOT in 'Fuck Machine' (which indeed is a short-story-collection based on the 'Erections').

The German translations are both in 'Gedichte vom südlichen Ende der Couch'.

The originals are BOTH - as Johannes suggested - in 'Dangling'. ('blue collar solitude' and 'two drunks')
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Ok, roni, you are right.
I recently got an audio book from a friend, only the mp3s, no cover and the folder was named 'fuck machine'.
(yes, I will regularly buy it in ten years, when I'm not always dead broke anymore ;))

this one


with a misleading title. this is the content


I wouldn't have thougt that 'two drunks' is a poem.
I wouldn't have thougt that 'two drunks' is a poem.

yeah, it's one of his 'story-telling'-poems.
Both poems you asked for are among my favorites in 'Gedichte vom südlichen Ende der Couch', so it was easy for me to know, what you're looking for.
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