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My reading collection has been jerked to fruition. There's no ejaculate left. I'm going book hounding tomorrow & I need some help on what to pick up. I like pessimism/neurosis/breasts. Oh and any contemporary writers that are worth a mention will do nicely. I think the latest thing I read was from coetzee so I need to get back on that newfangled shit.


dr seuss
big bad love--larry brown

celluloid cowboy--scott c rogers

don giovanni--dan fante

boys and girls together--saroyan

all my friends are going to be strangers--larry mcmurtry

dirty havana--pedro juan guteirrez
Edward Bunker
The education of a felon
No Beast so fierce

Henry Miller
Under the roofs of Paris

Hunter S. Thompson
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Try "An Instance of the Fingerpost" - Iain Pears
"The Glass Book of the Dream Eaters" - G.W.; Dahlquist
or "The Wanting Seed" - A. Burgess
Try John Fante, if you havn't yet.

Wait Until Spring, Bandini
Road To Los Angeles
Ask The Dust
Dreams From Bunker Hill
dirty havana--pedro juan guteirrez

Based on what you said you like, this would be a good bet ('Dirty Havana Trilogy' is it's full title). I read one of his other books though and it didn't hold up.

I've also just finished 86'd, which Bill recommended. It has plenty of breasts and pessimism, Very good.

I'm sure you've read it, but I'm re-reading 'Hunger' by Knut Hamsun. Most on here will agree it's a classic of its type.

Finally, if you fancy something more experimental, I got a copy of William Carlos Williams' short novel 'The Great American Novel'. It's an interesting dissection of the writing process.
Maybe you should go the other way and try:

man i love keilor. he's the opposite of bukowski, but, strangely, he loves bukowski.

Based on what you said you like, this would be a good bet ('Dirty Havana Trilogy' is it's full title). I read one of his other books though and it didn't hold up.
its true. i read parts of his other books but they werent very good. dirty havana is god damn remarkable though
I like pessimism/neurosis/breasts.
I suggest you that collective book on poor Anna Nicole Smith's tragic destiny written two or three years ago by a bunch of French [STRIKE]crappy hipsters[/STRIKE] promising authors.

Btw, I once persuaded a tough guy to read Jane Austen. :cool:
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You might like "Orangutan"

Insert from the review:

"Orangutan is the true story of Colin Broderick, an Irish immigrant who found himself in New York City, earning a living in the construction trade; where a few hours of dusty, hard work allowed him and his compatriates a pocketful of cash to drink all night on. Soon alcohol wasn't enough for the author, and he began using cocaine. That's when things take a dangerous turn, and the stories he tells reminds you of the infamous luck of the Irish. (There might be some truth to it.)

The author involved himself with interesting women; he was seemingly unable to remain single. The different personas of the girls he entertained makes the book even better; Broderick tried to maintain relationships with unique and interesting females from different cultures and backgrounds, and the majority of them partied almost as much as Broderick. ..."

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