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Hi all. I am Priyanshu. This year I am planning to do my PhD in English Literature. Topic would certainly be on Bukowski. But after reading his whole oeuvre, I am still uncertain about the specific topic on Bukowski that would be canonical for Bukowskian studies. I beg all the learned people of this forum to suggest some topics on Bukowski that are yet undiscovered; topics that would shed light on Bukowski more. Waiting for your replies earnestly. Thank you.
His relationship with Jane Cooney Baker: it influenced him more than anything, little is really known (no photos together ever found). He increasingly wrote about her towards the end of his life. She was something, I've never figured out what exactly she brought to the table.
Certainly you are right Sir. She was more influential than Linda King and Linda Lee Beighle. But your suggested topic is very good for a research paper but not good enough for a 5 years PhD thesis. But I will certainly write a research paper on this topic. Will share with you too. Sir please suggest another topic as well.
His depiction of women is a topic with complexity.

He was the quintessential outsider artist, but commercially successful at late age

His letters, he was Prolific letter writing. He was very likely had Hypergraphia is a behavioral condition characterized by the intense desire to write

His greater success in Europe than US

The undeniable thread of misanthropy in his work, and, amongst his fans(arguably).

Normally phd are narrow. the aboves are narrow.
Hi All! Actually I am very close to a deadline of a research project on Bukowski. I urgently need the pdf of Gay Brewer's "Charles Bukowski". Actually I can't find the pdf of this book online, neither can I buy it from Amazon as this would take 1 month of shipping and consequently missing the deadline. I earnestly request to please share this book's pdf urgently. Please Help.


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