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this is gonna be huge... full details to come soon

so i just thought i'd mention that the collaborative print that comes with this book is AMAZING. personally, i think the print alone is worth twice the asking price. i'm printing it on hahnemuhle museum etching rag 350gsm paper, which is so thick it's almost like mat-board. this is by far the nicest paper we have used for any project, so i'm excited that there's a photo store in berkeley that carries the full line of hahnemuhle papers for me to try. i may never end up using canson infinity paper again!
i will post a picture of the collaborative print once the book is released. i want the people who actually buy copies to be the first ones to see it!
here are some freshly gocco-printed carol es cover plates on the drying rack. these are printed on black japanese kozo paper, which has a really nice sheen to it, like a seal-skin effect. we used the same paper as the endpapers on the Skinner hardcovers, and i specifically wanted it for this book. i don't know how well it would have taken leterpress, but the gocco ink sits on it really nicely.

i want the people who actually buy copies to be the first ones to see it!
Wait a minute, I didn't buy the book and I've seen it!

Oh wait, that's right, she did it about five feet from where I'm standing.

Never mind.

Fucking awesome book though, if I may say so from a completely objective point of view. Really great art from Neil and Carol. Very different styles, but very complimentary. Carol's been a fan of Neil's work for years (we have it on our walls), so doing this book was a real treat for her.
do you really think you deserve one? i mean, you didn't do a bunch of printing for free on this one, nor did you make any youtube videos to show me how to do the binding, email me at 3AM with tips and encouragement, talk to me on the phone, etc. it's like you don't even care anymore! :)
Dear Black Jesus, you just recently start posting youtube vids and you have delusions of grandeur. I'll take one as long as gets one. What a diva!
This is how it is done folks. Make them beg. Kind of like Studio 54. Make them want it, but don't let them have it. They are not worth of it. Come back tomorrow and maybe we'll sell you one. Now I'm gonna post a youtube video about my pain.

Is the problem that I sign my posts and emails like I am an 80 year old man?

Your most obedient and humble servant,
Sad but true. Chance Press = Rebecca Black. I tried booking her for my next birthday party and the bitch put me on her waiting list. Justine needs to step in.
okay, okay, books for everyone! especially bill. maybe if you guys are lucky, bill will post pictures of the exclusive extras i include with his copy.
If you think mjp has any of the original art on this one, think again. Oh, wait... he does have one original Farber page - that's right. My bad. I had to give him something of value so that he'd allow me to still live here. Unfortunately, my good looks don't get me by the way they used to.

By the way, this book kicks ass. Jordan is what you might call a God.
it's finally ready! those that emailed in advance just got ordering instructions. it will go up for general sale in a week.

the limitation is kind of wonky on this one - the colophon says 32 copies, but the prints are numbered 1 through 30 (since there's a publisher's copy and an AP). however, the AP copy will never get made, and i messed up a couple copies during the production process that i don't plan to salvage, so there probably will end up being 28 or 29 including my copy. anyway, however you want to slice it, there are 9 copies left, assuming everyone who emailed us in advance buys a copy.
Hurray! People like them! They really, really do! I think it's the shnizzle, the shit, the bomb, the book from Heaven... you know, if there was such a place (Jordan and Justine's house).

Thank you for diggin' the book. But most of all, thank Chance Press.

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