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I know some around here are fans. Presale tickets are on sale this morning here.

Friday, June 12, with special guest Jason Lytle of Grandaddy

The presale is available from today at 10:00 AM until Friday at 10:00 PM, or while supplies last.

You have to enter Code: KCRW for presale tickets.

Show is at the Greek theater.
i saw her in birmingham on april 4th. i'm trying to think of a good description but nothing really does it justice. how about...really top notch, awesome fucking show. highly recommend...
she's going to be here in Milwaukee soon. guess I had better check this out on your recomendations. thanks guys.
she's playing here in san francisco on june 10, i think. still debating whether or not to go.

i burned a mix cd of her songs for my mother-in-law, thinking she would probably like neko (she's a fan of amy mann and some other similar stuff). i asked her about it while we were in chicago and her response was "i couldn't listen to it - her lyrics are too disturbing".
That's interesting. Aimee Mann isn't exactly singing about giggling children, rainbows and clowns most of the time. I guess everyone's definition of "disturbing" is different.
i recommend that all go see Neko live. she's amazing. and her steel guitarist Jon Rauhouse is unbelievable... sometimes you get lost looking at her, but that incredible voice always snaps you back to reality.

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