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Digney in Burnaby

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The number of times I pick up Poetry, that mag that's lasted 191 years or so, is not often, once every five years or so. Bukowski showed up there in the early 1990s a few times.

So seeing Neko Case's name on the cover while I moved through the stacks at the university library (sorry, abel, no Renaissance issues in Open City #52 or 70) was a surprise. I even photocopied the article.

Now I find it's on line and everything. David Byrne art on the cover. Poetry, my gawd!
Well, money changes things, but I'm not really sure that Case qualifies as a consistently poetic lyricist worthy of POETRY MAGAZINE. Not that she's bad, but she's not exactly like Patricia Barber, either...

Neko is also too pretty for a headscarf.
Take it off, Miss C

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