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got the bukowski tapes thanks to this modern marvel... very enlightening stuff!

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Hey, Michael, let us know more how you like the tapes! How about 52 reviews with a riffing interlude of chords between each one?

As for my rediculous self, I prize those tapes for holding a life-time of listening pleasure, even for a long life, as the Bard of San Pedro (and well beyond) waxes eloquently on everything from assholes to astronauts. Too bad Schroeder wasn't given more credit for putting the B. on the map before the book sales went platinum, according to the standards of the proletariat and the nouveau rich. It took the combined efforts of France and Germany (with Weisner) to help put the man over the top and into his well-deserved Beemer. The lucky bastard. (But I get to drive my '86 Mercedes, in excellent condition, that I got for $1000 from my bro.)
i guess this post was meant more or less to let people know that the tapes are available on there... i don't really have much to say about them at all other than the fact that it was good to get, basically a straight feed from bukowski without the pomp and circumstance of a fancy soundtrack and visuals... very little new information here, but a fine capture of our favorite drunken hero.
we do netflix
the wife likes period films
last night: 'chocolat'

i picked up a copy of 'the tapes' recently
for my collection of gems


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