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Neville isn't a guy I know personally but I've seen him at spoken word / poetry evenings and he's from just down the road from me. I think he's hilarious although I suppose some of his stuff will be lost in translation, so to speak. Anyway, I hope some of you enjoy these. (Please move if this is in the wrong forum).

'(BLUE ROOM 1.6.03)'
by Neville Clay

gluespots borstal dots
lovebites pigeon shite
tyres round the streetlights
loose dogs no bogs
bus-stop pie shop
hot & cold snacks knife attacks
Sean the Sheep haversacks
all the blokes with bad backs
low pay giro day
if U read this U R gay
under-10s felt pens
sportswear gelled hair
earrings pushchairs
start a fire for a dare
Astras down the underpass
petrol bomb the local grass
ramraids rollerblades
wheelchair ramps menstrual cramps
baseball caps tenner wraps
metal doors fuck the law
happy house and hardcore
hairclips dogshit
speedbumps treestumps
nicked wheels tenner deals
wobbly eggs sex on legs
neck tattoos Electric Blues
Sunday Sports anal warts
herpes dodgy Es
tackheads flowerbeds
carpet burns handbrake turns
freezer bags Duty-Free fags
racist stickers nylon knickers
bags of chips childbearing hips
betting slips Council skips
back yards Scratchcards
woolly hats lost cats
dont worry be happy full nappies
knuckle scabs caravan kebabs
own brands final demands
all the flats are coming down
last exit to charvertown


by Neville Clay

The blokes with ear protectors
Drive their grasscutters in circles
Across the school field
When they stop in the middle
Of the football pitch
For a smoke and a chat
The old woman downstairs
Takes a Polaroid
And sends it to the Head of Works


by Neville Clay

From her Mam's back door to hers
She walks over the grass
In white socks
Her kid has a rollerskate
On one foot
And nothing on the other

How cool the grass must be
On skin
In the shadow
Between the maisonettes


by Neville Clay

Harry over the hallway was a merchant seaman
Now, red ears and hands, he collects glasses for
Free beer down the Social, the stairwell warm
With the smell of Scotch for minutes after his return.
6am some mornings, he throws out white bread
For the birds then yells Go on, you little twats
Afternoons off, he swears at Westerns and Musicals.
The morning after he threw a kitchen chair
Through his living-room window
I heard him shout
Clear as day:
Hold my hand
The first one, '(BLUE ROOM 1.6.03)' is very clever but not my favourite. I think I like 'AFTERNOON' best of those.

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