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It's "Red guy with piano neck teeth," in case you were wondering. Shown here with "Red and yellow guy on a green background," which we've had for a number of years. And yes, those seem to be the official titles, near as I can tell.



Piano neck teeth is in Hot Water Music, and red and yellow guy is in War All The Time. Here's a spine shot for the binding sniffers among you.


They both smell like curry and gluten.
Nice. The War All The Time paintings are great (I stupidly sold mine). I saw that Hot Water floating around for awhile and was tempted to pull the trigger a few times. Congrats!
The War All The Time paintings are great...
Maybe he had it in mind already that he wasn't going to do paintings anymore so he put a little extra into them, who knows.

That's not something I ever really thought about before, the artwork differences between the different titles. But now that you bring it up, it's interesting. Too bad I didn't note the source for all of the paintings on the main site. It would be cool to see them arranged by title.
I noticed the (mostly) high quality of the 'Hot Water'-paintings before:
I have a Top one, Purple has a Top one. Buk had a run at that time, obviously.

Congrats btw.
If I knew they were for sale at a reasonable prize, we may have been bidding-contenders. Both paintings are well known classics and both are tremendously beautiful.
And I always said, that his art is underrated yet, but will be recognized in the future, remeber?
If I knew they were for sale...
Only the red one was for sale. I've had the other one for a long time. It just seemed appropriate to stick it into the picture. They are brothers, after all.
his art is underrated yet, but will be recognized in the future [...] ?
Yeah, who knows. That doesn't matter so much to me. I don't look at any of the art we have around here as an investment. It's all here because we like it. Unless you're buying million dollar works by established artists, art-as-investment is probably not the best use of your money.

You might say that even if you are buying expensive art by famous artists, that it's not necessarily a good investment. Are your kids going to be able to recoup the $100,000 you spent on that Banksy in 25 years? I doubt it. But who knows. The high-end-investment art world is a mountain of dog shit, and it's stink changes with the wind.

Whether the art world will ever accept the likes of Bukowski doesn't seem to be very difficult to predict. The writing establishment doesn't even accept him, so it seems pretty unlikely that his art will ever be appreciated by the taste makers. Such as they are.
I don't look at any of the art we have around here as an investment
me neither.
An "investment" would include the plan to sell later, which is not on my agenda for any of my Buk-rarities and especially not for my one painting.

But I feel a sort of inner satisfaction, when it shows, I was early enough to recognize the "importance" or "inner value" or whatever you'd call it, of a piece of art or literature or music etc at a time, when barely anyone had eyes or ears or etc for it - and then later it begins to come up in public recognition.

Happenings like this do give me a good feeling, I must admit, in the sense of something like: "Yeah, I knew it, right? And I told you, right? - I knew from the beginning." - of course that's stupid, selfish, weak, all-too-human and cheap. Still I like that feeling.
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i Will pass on the red fellow, But I want stuff you are ready to part with - if you are ready to send your cherished items to the next place of cherishment pm me,

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