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ok, guys, time to come out of the closet. Some of you know this, most don't. For the last year or so, I've been working on a comprehensive -well, as comprehensive as you can get- bibliography of Bukowski's written words: poems, stories, books, letters, blurbs, etc. Ephemera without his words and Video/Audio material won't be included. Reviews, anthologies and major publications -non periodicals stuff- might be included in a second volume, that would depend on the publisher. I already have all the material copied and organized in those infamous ring binders. A proper digital copy is in the works.
An index with all the uncollected and unpublished stuff -at least the available stuff- will be included. The confusion re. the HUNDREDS of "Notes of a Dirty Old Man" columns will no longer exist as the opening line from each story will be quoted. That's already done. I lost count a while ago, but I think I have unearthed over 200-300 items not previously listed ANYWHERE. Read that again. Yeah, I'm exhausted, thank you very much ;)

My idea was to make a few minor changes here and there and then read the bibliography as my PhD dissertation, but my supervisor just told me that a bibliography -not matter how original and good- cannot be a dissertation -at least here in Spain. Since a "few minor changes" wouldn't suffice, I came up with this idea: blending most of the facts from the bibliography into a narrative. That is, an overview of Bukowski's contribution to the littles, peppered with dozens -probably over a hundred- anecdotes from the editors who published Bukowski. It would be a multi-voiced overview of Bukowski and the littles. And those anecdotes are not from any existing book! They're new, original and unique. Passionate and revealing. Fucking mind-boggling. And I will probably use them in the bibliography as well -in each appropriate entry. I would need a third volume for that. Ha!

If I'm lucky, I'll finish the dissertation AND the bibliography before this summer. And I have to be lucky because -more news, huh?- my partner is pregnant again and the baby is due next July. After that, there won't be much time for minor things such as dissertations and bibliographies, if you know what I mean.

Well, guys, if you come across ANY magazine/paper with a contribution by or about Bukowski, do not hesitate to let me know it. You'll be rewarded :D And I mean it!

As a little token of appreciation, here are a few obscure items I received in the mail today.

Wish me good luck...
I tried to fashion a response to this revelation and everything that I've written so far seems wholly inadequate. Instead, I have lit some incense in front of your avatar, am burning a candle for the post above and am saying a novena to honor your efforts. This is the task of a crazy person and we are fortunate to have one amongst us. Good luck and good health to you and your partner.
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impressive indeed!! and time to sire offspring too? I may finally have found a hero. great luck to you on it all.
Well I guess it's okay to say now that I have seen excerpts from a few of those interviews with publishers, and Dr. cirerita isn't kidding when he says there's some wild stuff in there.

I look forward to every volume of the project in whatever form it takes.
Well done and congratulations... on all fronts.

A very large thank you for all your efforts.

I can't wait to see it!
Wow! Congratulations to you and your family.

And its great to hear more about your superb projects.
I'm impressed! Congrats, cirerita! I'm looking forward to see the result. What a colossal job it must have been. Hard to imagine. Well done!

Congrats with the new baby on the way too!
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thanks, guys, but don't forget to send me ANY info at all re. ANY mag/paper with Bukowski content. You won't regret it!
You know, the thought occured to me several times that we (this forum) are in a truely lucky and somewhat unique position given the premise that you regard Bukowski as any of the below

a. one major american writer
b. the greatest poet of the last century
c. the most underrated writer of the last century

... etc.

"Underrated" in the definition of not or hardly acknowledged by the academic (literary) establishment, which I feel is really good and the way it should. This forum really IS the source for any research on Bukowski, his work, his life and everything.

And it's working through a number of people all over the world who cannot be beaten in their competence regarding the subject, given through interviews with all the friends/relatives ... etc. of the author, given through having copies of several tons of unpublished material, given through having personally known the author, even had had sort of relationships with him, or given simply through knowing almost every poem title in almost every book out of a publication-periode of nearly half a decade.

I'm not saying this good. Damn language-barriers.

But try to imagine a forum like this about, say, Hemingway or Wm. Faulkner. I can't.

Thank you very much, cirerita, again and again and again.
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wow, i really wish i had some insightful response or something to add to all of this very interesting conversation and i've got nothin but a half-smile of appreciation. i've learned more reading this thread than i have by anything else all week. once again i am reminded of why i come nosing round' these parts.
some very good things are turning up. even buk would wonder where it all came from.
Bravo, cirerita. And I know you'll pull it off in style. You hear all those footsteps? That's us, lining up to buy copies of your book when it comes out.
I love this forum.
I mean I really freaking love it.
Where else would I and I assume others get an opportunity to know Cirerita even existed (in real and or mythical form).
And to show my thanks, From here on on I promise to never again think Spain is a province of Portugal.
Dr. Cirerita - Congratulations on your pioneering work in the field of Bukology. And on behalf of all the staff here at St. Tournefortia's Lab and 24-Hour Diner, we thank you for your efforts.

Well done !

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