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bogdan here, from romania. been lurking around for some time now and decided to register to join CRBSMILE's book club... unfortunately i couldn't PM him, don't know why. any help with this will be appreciated, thanks.

discovered buk only 1-2 years ago, read the romanian translations (4 x novel, 1 x poetry, 2 x short story) and recently started reading him in english. there's a lot that gets lost in the translations, that's for sure...

glad to be here, it's a great forum :)


i actually knew CRBSMILE is a girl, i figured this out previously by reading her posts here... i typed "him" by mistake :)

here's a virtual glass of tuica ...

and here's a Real one:



from where in Romania are you?
and here's a Real one:
from where in Romania are you?
Great picture. Where / when have you been to Romania?
I live in Sibiu.

funny thing is:
I have a friend, who is romanian and has the name Bogdan.
(he's the one on that painting with Buk + me if you remember.)
Wow! That painting is really amazing. It gives me ideas... I actually too have a friend whom I just asked for a Buk portrait, but seeing this makes me wonder how I would look in a painting next to Buk :)
This is probably a dumb question, but is that a real poster in the painting? I've never seen it.

Never mind, I just saw the picture in the buk photo thread...lot of stuff on this damn site...
Where / when have you been to Romania?

I haven't.
The pic above has been made in Germany on a May 1st at the home of my friend Bogdan here in Germany.
I know him since 1992 but never been to Romania.
This August he'll marry there - that'll be the first time in Romania for me.

he's from Caransebes (Banat).
Welcome to you Bogdan ! So many welcomes written this morning ! I should visit that forum more regularly !

(New) blood and Romania, two terms that fit together so well. :D

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