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CB speaks to my soul if I have one.
I discovered CB at B&N.On visits I would thumb through the numerous books and one day I purchased "Come on In"new poems.Ilove his works.
Thw man could sit down with Jesus have a beer and discuss the GW war
in the Middle East.
CB's writings are the middle ground I need between myself (dark side)and
self.I will take CB over the bible anyday.At least he makes sense.
I am glad to find this place in life.Yhanks for being here and letting me in.
learner- i also just joined- i dont like the whole internet myspace etc fad...but i definitely want to hear bukowski people have to say- wow, its a new world for me- as a matter of fact, i gave my roommate Ham on Rye to read on a trip, and upon asking him what he thought, he gave me a look where i just had to grab the book from his hand and say nevermind...its not for everyone thats for sure

oh and also, one of you mentioned choices- exactly right- the way shit is set up these days (institutions like marriage, religion, etc...) limits us- for those of us that like to veer off that highway, its good to have a genius like bukowski on our side-
you are absolutely right. I justify my alcoholism by his!

Nothing like being new and I hate newness.For me it is full of anxiety and expectations.
If, called upon maybe the good "Father" will give us occasional guidance.
The Pigfarmer has merit to share. Don't you?
Don't know what you're gonna get from Buck that'll do you any good. Maybe you should take a leaf out of The Man's book and go and get a minimum wage job for twenty years, you'll learn something then...

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