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Hello to all Bukowski's fans...!I am a fan of Buk from Greece...I discover him 2 years ago while killing some time in a book store.When I read an anthology of his poetry I thought ''Hey at last!One poet that isn't afraid of writing about real life..."From that time I m a dedicated Buk reader.Some time ago I descovered this great site and I thought that was my obligation to join...So...keep on reading!!!
(sorry for my english...are a little bit rusty!)
welcome, Theo. you made it.

and your english is just fine. we read you loud and clear.

enjoy it here.
Gerard, do you own any dogs? :)

You're lookin' at one of them. Here attached is a couple of pictures of his bitch.


Ressa 2 photos
Beautiful!I love dogs...but I prefer cats...I guess its their unsubdued nature that fascinate me! With a cat you're never sure!!!Buk himself loved cats...he knew something....!

Oh!A greek speaker here!!!Kala eimai!!!Eucharisto!!!Great greek bospress!!!! :)
You speak much better English than I speak Greek. I worked for Greeks for 7 or 8 years and although I can understand it when it is spoken (The Greeks threw in enough English words and hand gestures to keep me in the loop), I cannot read it, especially in Greek letters. Plus, most of my Greek evolves into obscenity laden, blasphemous rants that are not for mixed company.

All best,
Hello Theo

I have Athens marked down on my European road trip tentatively scheduled for 2010. What's the nightlife, music scene like in Athens?
The truth is that greek is a quite difficult lanquage Bill...Most Greeks don't speak perfect greek.I m studing history and greek language in university and I often make feel bad about it!!!
Keep reading Buk!!!!(in least I m trying to....!!!)

Hello rjwink

Athens has great nightlife.The city never sleeps.And the good part is that Athens suits all different tastes.You will find great taverns with live traditional greek music where you can drink your ouzo and eat your special meze.But also you ll find pop dancing clubs;and rock bars and pubs.So dont worry.When you ll be over with your walk at the sacred rock of Acropolis you ll have plenty of things to do!!!
Beautiful dogs! Now can a Corgi mate with a...what is that, a golden retriever?:(:confused:

Welcome, Theo! Greece is very cool! I was in Zakynthos last year. I am a PHILHELLENE! I sort of think of Buk as a kind of Los Angeles version of Zorba the Greek! :)

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