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Buk IS Right . How'd I get here? Been writing poetry for 6 years ,read a lot of poets ,stumbled across Buk in the bookstore,picked up The Pleasures of the Damned-- it opened to a poem "The Great Escape" about his leaving the Post Office after 11 1/2 years. Just so happens at the time I was in my 11 1/2 year in the p.o. So Could I relate to him? In addition to being a drunk for 30 years , having a german father,been in jail ,Hell,even my wife's name is Linda , there's just too much to list-- really too coincidental. But I can't write right now, every time I try put down the word I feel like Buk is there over my shoulder telling me it's meaningless shit. And He's right. So he's still kicking ass --the Motherfucker.
...drunk for 30 years , having a german father,been in jail ,Hell,even my wife's name...
Impressive display of all the possible places commas could go!

You're 1 for 8 in commas after one post, which puts you, statistically, at the top of the standings. Congratulations. If it wasn't for that one accidental correct placement, you would be pitching a perfect game.

Still, an impressive feat for ones debut outing. No one can ever take that away from you.
Welcome. It sounds like you've impressed the resident hard guy so it should be smooth sailing from here on out.

Tell us some of your Post Office stories. Thirty years drunk. What are you 36 years old?
Welcome here, podjoe ! :)

How impressive common points ! Do you manage to live a normal life in spite of these signs ? :D

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