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My ex-girlfriend gave me several Bukowski poems a few years ago when I was on a self exile from reality. I failed out of college and came home and sobered up mostly, starting at a different school, and this summer I finally read the poems she gave me that reminded her of me.I fell in love with the set of poems and read Bukowski all this past summer I am a huge fan now. I'm currently doing a lot better at my new school and I now am beginning to realize a lot of my potential and get over some mental hang-ups I had in the past. My first crack at college was very much like a Bukowski poem only without the hope that I find in his work. So from here on out I shall lurk on this website when I see fit.

"but there should be a minstrel
or at least a glass of wine."

sun coming down, The People Look Like Flowers At Last
Welcome AMadmanwithaBox. Jellybaby? It's nice to know I'm not the only Whovian on this forum. Have you watched the doc Born Into This yet? Check it out if you haven't.
Yeah I certainly enjoyed the mental vacation. The madman with a box is actually a doctor who reference but I think everyone has mental boxes. Kinda like a blubird in your heart.
sorry, i'm not familiar with the show. i know of it but never watched.
It's an acquired taste. The madman is the protagonist or the doctor just the doctor as he is referred to the box is the tardis time and relative dimension in space the doctor's time machine my twin sister got me into the show. That's the nutshell description I give everyone.

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