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Well, hello there,

I suppose I stumbled upon this forum in my search for all things Buk, I'm a student, so fairly young, but I have loved and admired Buk for many years. I'm slowly working my way through his collected works. I suppose I joined really because I find his life incredibly intriguing and my mother has always told me that I'm far too nosy for my own good, so I guess I'm here to satisfy my thirst for Buk knowledge.

Thanks for dropping by. Are you doing your own writing too? Being nosy, you must have some pretty good stories on your hands. And being a Bukowski fan, your aesthetic sensibility must be downright impeccable!
Yes, I have a collection of short stories, prose and poetry, but I doubt its any good. To be fair, I have heard some pretty unbelieveable things, I'm not sure if I'd go as far as saying it's impeccable though!
that was me attempting to be anonymous, but I guess that's over...

Once you post a picture of yourself on buknet, forget about anonymity. Notice that all of the regulars use some kind of avatar. Thank you for posting the link to your work. No small feat. And thank you for digging deep in your work. An even less small feat! Some real good lines in there.

Most don't know what he does behind closed doors

Awesome. Keep it up.

(that's what she said ...)

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