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Thanks Bill for the push!

I don't have official word yet, but we might be sold out--the waiting list was mighty full. If that's the case, some payments might go through, and later have to be kicked back (basically making Paypal money)...

I'll try to get some info this evening, and update everyone.
It's official--we're sold out.

If there's enough interest, we've talked about a 2nd edition bundle. The 2 books, of course, will be available separately--just no snazzy extras. Anyhow--anyone interested, feel free to PM me here--so I can gauge interest. Thanks!
We're gonna do a 2nd now anyone that missed it, we're putting together the list! PM me & I'll make sure we get you signed up. Thanks again everyone, I know times are tough.
Loser's second edition ordered.

Who knew you couldn't procrastinate for even a day on this thing? This world is not made for the likes of me.
Will be an little while yet until the books are all made & ready...but feel free to purchase anytime.

All right, Hosh, I felt free but your book wasn't. I forked over the ten-spot, a steal as I see it. My chap, Before daybreak, with a nod to Frost, is coming out probably in a week or two on Propaganda, so unless you're allergic to my stuff, maybe you can return the favor! :)

Congrats ... Leah is a phenomenal woman. Oh, and Hosh ... I've started up Pig in a Poke again, so don't forget about that!!!
Absolutely. A whole mess of gems in the catalog. Super-affordable way to try out new writers. Cunningham, Barrett, Cooper, Galing, Manning, Winans...on & on... Looking forward to the new Fleming book, Shades of Green, and I'm getting the Paul David Thomas Book and the Jon Tait book based on their glorious titles alone! And the Mike Kriesel book (written when he was 23) is a fantastic little book.

Dig around. You won't regret it.
The presentation/packaging is very unique and it's almost difficult to open it, knowing that it will never look like that again. I also had a chance to chat with Leah for a bit - my having lived in Somerville for 10 years had much to do with it, and it was a nice experience.

Hosh's stuff is great - there are even a few words after the titles.

Glad for the head's up here.
Just received my copy. Agree with Purple the packaging almost difficult to mar...almost. Allow it to remain pristine for a bit more and then will tear away. [STRIKE]Good[/STRIKE] Great stuff awaits.
Yup, my copy arrived today and I have yet to break the seal on it... very pretty, but... it'll have to be wrecked to be read. That's ok, though.
Just heard there are 6 copies of the 2nd edition left. So if you're gonna jump, jump soon!

If you are determined to not break the wax seal--then the books will be available, individually, at some point down the line...& they'll be inexpensive, like all the Propaganda Press they can be read that way. But these bundle editions do come with a broadside I made--so I'll have to find a way to post that for folks to read when all's said and done.

Thanks, again, everyone for your support...I really appreciate it.
Just recieved mine today. Absolutely beautiful! Will be saving the paperseal for reattachement after i've read all the books. Why aren't more people using a wax seal? It looks great.

And a special thx to AC for the nice Leah Angstman freebies. A beautiful gesture for missing out on the 1st edition.
Well, I don't know if it's an endorsement or a sly critique, but my Border Collie ate 4th Street Vagaries right off my desk.

I should know better by now, considering he has eaten a hardcover copy of one of my books, a giant Wailers discography and the dust jacket for The No Asshole Rule. And those are only the ones I know about. I'm sure there are more I haven't missed yet.
Well it is a bite-size kibble with the alluring flavor of can you blame him?

I'm actually in cahoots with the mutt: he's got a hit-list of every copy purchased, and orders to eat all copies on sight--so I can sell twice as many!

Then again, it might not be worth a the plan has holes...
Well, you should know that he just eats the checks you send to him, so no need to deduct those in your check register.
Just heard from the press today: 2 copies, I repeat 2 copies of the deluxe package remain.

So if anyone here was waiting for the zero has arrived.

Once again, each package has two books (4th street vagaries -AND- An Adamant, Unmittigated Hope...) + a handmade, signed broadside + other goodies, all packed up nicely.

Okay, I'll shut up now.
Rise, Rise forgotten thread! Rise from the dead!

For those who regret missing the deluxe edition...(as opposed to those who regret getting it!)--you can still get each of the 2 included books (no tchotchke included).

Yes, at long last, both are officially available at Propaganda Press...

4th Street Vagaries has been available for a while here:

Now ADAMANT officially joins the catalog:
92 pages, $6.

Now you tell me friend-o, what's it gonna take to get you into this chapbook today?

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