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This one is being published by Bottle of Smoke. Info is as follows:

S.A. Griffin - They swear we don't exist
8 pp, 3 excellent poems on a common theme. Limited to 26 signed hardcovers and 50 copies in wraps. Laser printed. The hardcovers are $15 a piece (Plus $2 shipping), the paper are $3 (plus $1 shipping). This has not been listed on my website yet, so anyone interested can either e-mail me, or just paypal to [email protected]. The image below is very close to the final cover. The only difference is that instead of the black background, it was changed to white. The spine is still black in the hardback.


This year is a busy one. There will be some very cool little releases throughout the year, and at least 2 major releases. The Richard Krech Bibliography by Jason Davis will be out in a couple months, then a portfolio of woodcuts by Marvin Malone containing 8 prints using his original woodcuts in a handmade paste paper portfolio, which will be out next, then a massive, 300+ page, hardback career spanning book of poems by A.D. Winans in October, just in time for our 8th anniversary.

I should make a collectible cover for those that are offended by the cover. Maybe something like this, which I consider obscene, but somehow, they can show this on the TV, but god forbid the kids see a little bit of titty or bush...


Nope, that was a guy who tried to sell a known Buk forgery on ebay. I think that it was signed "Chucky". He refused to remove the listing and bad things happened to him....

My tentacles are long. They cannot hide anywhere...

i have send to you the money because i made purchase your book please do send at my professional mailing i look forward to do the read thank you for your publishing focus.
I like one, Bill I have send you money. (thanks Jordon for the grammatical enlightenment ;))

Also want to say "The Echos From the Tortured Calm " is really a beautiful book, Thank you for that.

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