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I'm putting together a new collection of previously unpublished/uncollected poetry to be published sometime next year --hopefully.

I have found some 150 great poems for this collection, but I'm sure I missed a few gems while re-reading everything again.

If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them -- there's enough good unpublished material for this collection to be the strongest one since What Matters...
Are some of these poems mentioned in Charles Bukowski, King of the Underground? If so, it would be awesome to read this poetry collection with that study as it would be an excellent way to see how Bukowski's style grew during those crucial decades. Most of the poems mentioned in King of the Underground were unknown to me so I had to do some fishing around for them. It would be awesome to have more of them in one place. Either way, more uncollected and unpublished Buk is a good thing!
I'm late here, but I hope you're considering publishing early poems, like those in the UCSB archives. Please publish, if you have it, "advice for those unarmed against the constant melancholy". It's my favorite.
That's a good poem for sure, it's in a list I compiled for future collections while I was putting Storm together.

To me, the early Bukowski goes up to 1965 or so, when he began corresponding with Blazek, Norse, etc. Up until then, there was something holding him back, I think, he hadn't found his true voice. Sure, there are quite a few early gems, even back in the 50s. He was practicing a lot, writing almost non-stop.
Writing for the underground newspapers in the late 60s made him realize he could reach a larger audience than that of the small press circuit, and I think his poetry (style) changed a bit back then. He began to be more straightforward and less convoluted and lyrical, and he sure hit the jackpot there, so to speak. He exploited the Dirty Old Man persona quite successfully and wrote some of his best poems ever in the 1970s.
And then, when he stopped fucking around the clock --well, you know what I mean-- he became the Sage of San Pedro in the late 1970s. He wrote quite a few powerful, moving poems in the 1980s and early 1990s. Many of my favorite poems are from this late period.

So yes, that's a good poem and I hope it gets published before long.

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