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Hi All:

I'm brand new to this forum but have been reading Bukowski for 25-plus years. I'm very excited about the prospect of meeting fellow Bukowski readers here.

I wanted to let you know about my book, Bohemian New Orleans: The Story of the Outsider and Loujon Press, which will be published in June by the University Press of Mississippi. Loujon was Bukowski's first important publisher.

Here is a link to the catalog description:

The book is currently available for pre-order from amazon, barnes & noble, and all of the usual online booksellers.

I look forward to getting to know people who frequent this forum. I also hope you'll want to read my book. (Blush)

All best to each of you,
Jeff Weddle
Hi Jeff,
welcome to the forum.
Of course we all here admire the work of the Webbs.
Are you somehow related to them?


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Welcome to the forum, Jeff! The story of the Webb's is an interesting one for sure. I can hardly wait to read your book...
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I've often thought about what it must of been like, hot wet steamy N.O. nights, working and sweating, following a passion, the sacrifices they must of made to pull off such works of art. god, I wish I had the balls.... and I'm so jealous of the partenership they had, not easy or common for a husband and wife to work togather under the conditions. ( two gone, one more hanging,.. believe me, I know) anyway yeah, I'm just romantasizing (sp?) (and drinking) looking forward to reading your book, thanks for the heads up.......

Digney in Burnaby

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Can't even remember where or when I found this. No price (the original price has been blacked out). 1948 novel by Jon Edgar Webb.


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Wow - I did'nt know that Webb had written any books...
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Hi Roni:

No, not related to the Webbs. I learned about them originally by reading the various Bukowski biographies. I now know Louise and her stepson, Jon, Jr., pretty well, though. They are very, very cool people.

Hey mjp:

Many thanks! Yes, the Webbs were amazing characters--Louise still is. :-)

Hey Bukfan:

Many thanks!

Hey 1fsh2fsh:

You've got a good handle on what the Webbs did. They had a grand adventure together. I would have loved to have been there in the day....

Hey Digney in Burnaby:

That's a pretty good book. Jon was a writer for many years before The Outsider came to be. This was his only published novel, though.
Hey Cirerita:

It just hit me like a hammer that I've not sent you those pages. I'll get them out in the morning. I am very sorry about that.

I hope all's well with you.

All best,


It is what it is
Just got this book through Amazon few days ago and, in between the mini dramas here at home, I have been reading through it.
Pleanty of really interesting info for Buk fans, book fans and those interested in the Webbs.
I'm enjoying it.


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Yes it is. Good book.
The documentary (forgot the title...outsiders of New Orleans?) is not bad either.


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That's right! The DVD and the book sorta goes together. If you like the book you should get the DVD too...
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