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This one will be out in about 10 days.

16pp, 11 poems. Book measures 4.5" x 5.75". Each cover is hand inked and unique. On the hardcover edition, each page is also hand inked over masks.

26 Hardcover copies, lettered and signed by the poet. $20

50 paperback copies, $5

Please add $2 shipping in the US, or $4 elsewhere. Anyone interested should e-mail or paypal me ([email protected]). This is not being listed on the website yet and the hardbacks will sell out well before I announce this.

Annie is a class act and those are definitely classy covers. I like the way you changed the shape of the center design in each one with a little continuity yet a vast variety and individuality to each cover. They share some color and textures but are all different. Only the name is the same as it should be.
Paperback Annie

Here are the paperback copies. Ready to ship tomorrow.

The hardbacks will be about a week more as I am waiting on them to returned signed.


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PayPal is paid, pal. Looking forward to these ! One hardback to sit on the bookcase and look beautiful, and one paperback to put my greasy mitts on and actually read.
The hardbacks are completely sold out. There are still about 20 paperbacks left. These went very fast. If you already orderd one, or even told me that you wanted one, you have one being held. I'm peace like that.

The paperbacks still have unique hand rolled covers, if that kinda thing floats your boat.

If anyone must have a Hardback, I have one bookstore that bought a couple copies, so let me know and I'll put you in touch. I doubt that the published price will be held on it, but maybe you can work out a deal...

Damn, congrats on the quick sales... I've got some PayPal money coming next week, I'll have to buy some new small press stuff then.
Many thanks!

Yep, I have about 20 paperbacks left. I still have not listed it on the website (it will sell out on its own without it), so anyone interested should contact me or just paypal me at [email protected].

Mine arrived over the weekend. Thank you Bill for the usual quality of work, including the colorful covers.
Beautiful words, beautifully framed. Menebroker makes me want to drunk-dial old girlfriends, you know ?
She softens me up just right. If only any one of my ex-girlfriends were as cool as AM....

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