New broadside by HOSHO McCREESH is Shipping... (1 Viewer)

HOSHO McCREESH has a KNOCKOUT Broadside for sale at

New images of it etc are up and live.

Yes, yes, I finally got PayPal sorted and these babies are signed, returned to Ireland and sitting ready to ship. The pre-orders wiped out a tonne of them already so if you would like to get your hands on one please visit the Press.

I know many of you on this site have ordered already and have been saint-like waiting for word. Sorry and thank you for holding on. Direct email to you folks shortly.

The other broadsides in the series are in various stages of being signed etc... I just put myself and my Design Studio into receivership (violins) so I can concentrate on the Press.

So for F*CK sake buy something.

May your God Bless you.
"...torches to light the skies..."

HOSHO McCREESH has a KNOCKOUT Broadside for sale at

With so much today being lost,
from the ashes rise greatness.

proclaims your website.

Indeed. What wonders we shall behold in the light of:
  • Brian McGettrick
  • Christopher Cunningham
  • Tony O'Neill
  • Hosho McCreesh
  • justin.barrett

I'm selling my mother into slavery to buy
one of each broadside you produce.

- -
Father Luke
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Thanks much for the interest, makes me proud & humble all at once.

I honestly can't say enough about Sean Lynch's designs--they are just terrific...& that cold-pressed Italian paper is sharp! I know $5 is steep...but they are like autographed, limited edition prints...only 50 made plus 9 author's copies (about 1/2 of which pre-sales have grabbed up) I sure hope you'll consider one--or all--of them.

Like our Padre, I'm taking a full set myself...
Just bought one. Any time I wait on anything I want from places like this (or Bottle of Smoke) everything disappears. So I'm jumping on this boat (hopefully) before its too late!
Send Sean an e-mail and let him know that you want to be on the list of first people to be notified.

You can do the same with BoSP.

Many of the hardbacks that I do sell out on preorders and word of mouth and are never officially announced as they are already gone.

If interested send an e-mail. I keep them in a nice little file and send e-mails out as soon as I am ready to ship. Then you are guaranteed to get a copy...

& everything that both Sean Lynch and Bill Roberts make is pretty damn order (or pre-order) now with confidence!
Bill, your way ahead of me and absolutely right. I'll get a wee link on the site that I will use for a mailing/notification list.

Thanks for all your kind words guys. The site will be updating quite rapidly from now on. Hosho's broads are flying out daily and I think I'll have to give out a notice of the last 10 available very soon.

PayPal will be available for all the other releases very shortly too. Tony O'Neill is ready to ship, followed by a Mr justin.barrett, Mr Cunningham and Mr McGettrick.

Thanks for your support!
Received mine today... beautiful words, beautiful paper... altogether a wonderful production that I'm considering framing and putting on my wall. Many thanks for the spectacular piece!
LTStar: Thanks much for the kind words--I'm sure I speak for Sean too when I say we are very pleased to hear you like it. 10pt (out of Ireland) is doing some very cool things...& he's just getting started. I expect some great productions from him for years to come! & yeah, we talked about how great it would be to make a broadside that could be framed...& I really think he's done it with not only this piece, but all the things he'll be putting out by year's end. Keep your eyes on 10pt Press!
Mine arrived today; a beautiful piece of work poorly packaged in a flimsy envelope with no cardboard. Broadside is badly wrinkled over the entire poem and signature, while all of the promotional flyers arrived completely unscathed. A shame, really.
Hi Purple,

All the others got through and I did double up with a plastic sheath and blue card to stiffen it all up.

But. Point very well taken - I need to "belt and brace" the process and will make sure all future mailings are crated, tied, sealed and braced etc.... I have another edition on its way to you now - thanks for the kind words on the production.

I am a relative greenhorn at publishing and I am learning lessons fast. Thanks for your feedback - we'll make sure this doesn't happen again...

And it didn't happen again.

Beautiful packed.

The broadside isn't mine but the buyer gave me permission
to take a look at it.

Strong poem, Hosho.
I first heard of broadsides when I got into Bukowski, not so long ago, and had no idea what a broadside was until then. Here, at the end of the world where I live, they never publish such things. And I really liked the idea - to have a powerfull poem printed on quality paper and with some wonderful artwork to go with it. Maybe it's a stupid question, but wouldn't it be fair to let the buyer know what the poem on the broadside is all about? I clicked on the link provided above and all I got to see was some small picture of the item, not readable at all... The words are why I would buy a broadside in the first place...
Maybe it's a stupid question, but wouldn't it be fair to let the buyer know what the poem on the broadside is all about?
Poetry is hard enough to sell by itself. If you give the poem away for free, then half of the people will not buy it. Most people that buy broadsides are collectors anyway, but still, those that want it will buy it. If you know that you love the writing by the author then you know that you will like the poem...

Thanks for the kind words Ponder & Black Swan.

I understand that both the publisher needs to sell the copies he made (15 left of the 100, last I heard), & the potential buyer wants to see what he's buying--so I'll meet everyone in the middle: Anyone interested can PM me & I'll send you the text of the poem. Fair enough?
Thank you all for replying there.

It's a grey area bogdan and I understand your comment. I'm in a rock and a hard place with that end of things. There is indeed an element of, "leap of faith". At the end of the day though, the intention is that the sum of both elements (the poem and the graphic interpretation) is greater than the individual. From the feedback I get and from my own biased view, this only works when you have these in your hand. The texture and colours and the powerful words.

Well. I'm probably not explaining myself well. To be honest, I hope to reach something like what Bottle of Smoke and many others attain - I know whatever I buy from them, it will be infused with consideration, long hours, care, real honest to God craft and the love of doing something special.

Thanks again.


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