New Bukowski bio? (1 Viewer)

The Friday New York Times always prints a preview of what's coming up in the Sunday Times. In the Book Review section, it states: "Reviewed this week: biographies of Neal Cassidy, Allen Ginsberg and Charles Bukowski; and a memoir of Hunter S. Thompson." Does anybody know what they're talking about? Do they mean the Barry Sanders bio? That was several months ago (or more!) and the Times Book Review is more current than that. Eh?
Sounds like they sat on it until they could group it together with Cassady and Ginsberg. Because, you know, Bukowski was a beat!
Bill, you are correct. Is is the Miles book. Haven't read it yet, but it has a full page review. Who the hell was I thinking of? Barry Sanders? Wasn't he a running back?
I missed that completely. I thought that you typed Barry Miles. See that is the power of the mind. My brain saw it and corrected it. amazing.


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