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i firmly believe no one should be permitted to attend college until they reach the age of forty...purpose being the attainment and retention of common sense -
I don't think anyone should go to college after the age of forty!
What could you learn at that point that you can't get from reading a book?

But then again, what could you learn at age 21 that you couldn't get from reading a book?

i defer to your superior 'class' and your upper level 'intellect' -
i love the life of a redneck...for god's sake man!
we rednecks are allowed the unheard of policy of: dress down friday everyday! (smiles)

peace brother
rrat (alpha sigma lambda, etc. etc.)
I mistakenly thought this jackass would just participate and stop foisting his vile shit on us. Now I think not. Say goodnight acky.
At times he did, I think. Also, at times, a thin mustache. Kind of like Mitch Miller's. There's a frightening image: Mitch as Buk, Buk as Mitch. But Mitch was fairly hip, for his time. In CHRONICLES, Dylan talks about Mitch Miller sort of promoting him to the record company, or at least being openminded about him.


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