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I've been working on this for a couple of months with help from a few of the members here (thanks gents!)... sort of a visual companion to the Krumhansl biliography. It's mainly geared towards collectors but is open to anyone interested.

If you have something to contribute that's not already up, let me know.
It's really very cool. Well done chronic.

I'm happy to be able to help and I only wish that such a site had existed years ago when I started collecting.
Maybe seeing all those sexy limited editions photographed that way would have satisfied my lust and stopped me from spending so much $$$.

Then again... maybe not.
very nice chronic.. and helpful, it answered a couple of questions that I had about certain publications, and ephemera. are you looking to add more (ephemera) items? I may have a couple that are interesting. great job!!
Well done, chronic! This will be a good tool for collectors and everyone else who wants to see what the publications looks like. Great idea - and a great companion to Krumhansl! Congratulation!
Glad everyone seems to like it... it was a lot of work. Thanks for the good words.

1fsh2fsh, yes I'm interested. Whatcha got?
feel free to take whatever you want from my site (most of which you and ROC gave to me, but there's some of my own stuff on there that you may or may not want). i will probably cancel the hosting after this year... it was a fun experiment, but i never get around to updating it anymore. i have some more pictures of numbered books that aren't on there as well, (including prints) if you're interested.

great site, by the way!

also, for your misc. section, would you want the black sparrow "new titles" announcements that they distributed for bukowski's books?... most are by tom clark, with passages from the book, original isbn/pricing info, and classic barbara martin design (i sound like a used car salesman). plus, a "private announcement" card about the deluxe ed. of war all the time.

i don't have scans, but i can make 'em.
I just checked it out....I think its awesome. How do you build such an extensive collection?
I was noticing the periodicals, and little things like the wedding invitation. How do I view the Dear Friend pamphlet?(under misc)
Glad you like the site. About 100 of the items are from my collection... the really good stuff comes from a few members of this forum or are scavenged from elsewhere on the web. Dear Friend was provided by ROC. If he (or someone else) wants to scan the inside, I'll be happy to add it, but until then there's not much I can do since I don't have a copy of that myself.
Henry Miller saw the connection to Céline. Henry saw a lot of things.

That's really grand. Thanks to all involved.
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Anyone have any of the girly magazines that Bukowski contributed to (Oui, Hustler, etc.) that they could scan and send to me to add to the site? I just added a copy of PIX that was listed on ebay a while back and now I want more. Gimme gimme
Anyone have any of the girly magazines that Bukowski contributed to (Oui, Hustler, etc.) that they could scan and send to me to add to the site? I just added a copy of PIX that was

I recall stealing some Oui, Club, Chic and Swank magazines in my youth. Sold them for twice the cover price and bought cigarettes with the proceeds. Sadly - that's how my friends and I started smoking. We could afford it.

Thanks to shoplifting.

But unfortunately, No - I don't have those Chronic Wish I did.....
I had them all -over 50 issues!- but they're no longer at my place. I did copy the uncollected stories, and maybe a few covers. They must be somewhere in those fucking binders :D
are German mags of interest?

Yes. I'm trying to expand the periodicals section and non-US titles are welcome. I'd just need you to tell me what I'm looking at (names of Bukowski stories or poems in each issue in German and English) I'd also be interested in German first editions of his books if you have any. Thanks roni.
Shit, I didn't realize the site was yours chronic. Awesome work. I'm jealous of whomever has the original copy of the funeral program... Great site though, great site.
The best news I've seen in a long long time.
chronic and mjp!
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