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Someone needs to talk KSE into taking Paypal. I'd buy a bunch of stuff if I was not so opposed to checks.....

Oh, I'll buy this, but it would make life SOOOO much easier to just Paypal...

Things get much worse & we'll all be opposed to banks, Bill!

KSE's got a really cool, punk, DIY edge to it...& 3 chaps for $10 is a steal. Shouldn't be too hard to find a few poets you like either...great little bursts of poetry--& a great way to try out a few poems from lots of different writers without breaking the bank!
Someone needs to talk KSE into taking Paypal. I'd buy a bunch of stuff if I was not so opposed to checks...

ditto that. I'm not opposed to checks, but I'm just too lazy to get international money orders. see, I'm Canadian (hold your applause). what? I mentioned that already?
my mistake.

but yes, it would be easier with Paypal.
Maybe Chris takes PayPal. Let's put our heads together. I bet we can figure this out, just as soon as we put together the money for the priest.

That Cunningham is damn good, though.
Hold on.
We have to wait until we raise enough money for a priest before we can pursue other financial goals ? Isn't this a violation of church and bank ?

Sure. And I'm the Saint of Compound Interest.

Great job CC and congrats on the release !
Have a party...
that beer was delicious. tasted like a dogfish head 90 minute IPA, yes?

the cat was less delicious. I lost a lot of blood trying to drink it.

I set the balloons free. seemed like the right thing to do.

thanks much, and I hope everyone enjoys the book. it's different from a lot of my other books in that the nine poems work together to construct a narrative as well as being chock full of that ol' poetry standby: metaphor.
Most of the brewery tours will turn on the tap and you put your little cup right below the spout that contains the brewing beer. Old Dominion in Ashburn, VA did that, but they were not too picky about how much you could drink, so by the time you were through the tour, you felt it. Then they had the brew pub attached, so you could really get going.

It would be very cool to drink it straight from the spout, Barney Gumbel style....


moe: "yeah, cut his gums up pretty bad..."

I also had some of their Pumpkin beer recently and it was delish. and I don't care for your 'fruity' beers (meaning, of course, fruit infused brews...):)

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