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New Censorship Vol2 No3 Signed - worth? (1 Viewer)

Good afternoon,

I have a signed copy of New Censorship, Volume 2, Number 3 (June 1991) signed on the cover by Charles Bukowski. I've been casting about trying to determine its worth. The item itself is in great shape. Can you experts help me out?

Off of the top of my head, somewhere between $60-120 USD. Could sell for more. Could sell for less. Sorry if that seems vague.
Hank Solo is right. At the height of the Bukowski ebay wars, this would probably bring in $300, but lately much less. I would bet that if you put it on ebay and listed it with a photo, you could get $100, but probably not much more.

Maybe post a photo of it and we can at least tell you if it is real...


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